How do I make an interesting painting

Make art interesting - 10 tips for more exciting pictures

Do you want to make your art interesting and make it exciting for the viewer? Then you are exactly right here.

In this article, we'll look at different ways you can use simple tools to make your painting, drawing, and art interesting.

Paint on something interesting

Again and again you meet newcomers to painting who paint or draw on white toner paper. Some toner papers - especially thick, bold, wet-strength papers - are beautiful. Sometimes a thin, delicate piece of paper is enough. But often experimentation and creativity with different media bring significant benefits. It is a pleasure that comes from painting on a new type of surface: a surface with a story that has its own colors, textures, traces and irregularities.

Draw on colored paper

For example, the first thing you could do is try a different colored paper. Choose ones that can be seamlessly integrated into your art project - cream, brown, gray, and black, for example, work well.

Dark colored paper can be great for drawing in light colors; Mid-tone papers are also excellent. As in the example by Juan Gris above and the ink work below, the color of the paper serves as the mid-tone for the drawing; dark and light areas are added if necessary, so that a three-dimensional work is created very quickly.

Experiment with textured paper

There are a lot of textured papers out there. Some are machine-made, pressed with an even network of bumps or grooves, others are hand-made with bits of fiber, thread, fabric and other tangled in the pulp of the paper.

Try tracing paper

What many people don't realize is that tracing paper isn't just useful for tracing - it's an exciting drawing surface in and of itself. Tracing paper can be used for transparent overlays or glued to white backing paper (be careful when gluing, as some tracing papers warp when exposed to moisture) The glossy surface creates rich, glossy images that love to smear your hands with graphite

Use torn, folded, or crumpled paper

The tissue paper can be crumpled up and glued onto a painting (shape as needed) to create a textured surface that can be painted over. As with other textures, the dry brush technique exaggerates this representation and makes the fine network of folds more visible.

Paint on patterned or textured surfaces

Care should be taken when integrating patterned elements; it can easily happen that the pattern completely dominates a work. However, if appropriate motifs are chosen, patterned elements can make excellent drawing or collage surfaces.

Integration of newspaper clippings

When experimenting with drawing on newspapers, keep in mind that the text will become a part of your work, so it must be a deliberate and deliberate decision. If the words are legible, the message contained in the text should be relevant, or at least not distracting.

Draw on book pages

Many artists enjoy great popularity for their drawings on text-based painting surfaces.

A particularly well-known example is the “Bible Journaling”, whereby you of course also

h can paint on other fonts.

Draw on cardboard

While a hardboard is a good surface for painting, the transport is a real horror from a certain size. Cardboard is a suitable, lightweight substitute. Cardboard can provide a solid foundation for a painting and, when glued into a piece of work, can create raised surfaces that segment a composition and add depth and shadow.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare the cardboard so that the painting lasts on it as long as possible.

Throw in everything else

If all of this is not inspiring enough and you need the ultimate tip on how to make your art interesting, create an assemblage using materials that are not normally associated with art.

As part of an assemblage, there are almost no limits to your creativity. You can use what you want, almost determine the dimensions yourself and create a very individual composition.

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