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Main topic: "Imagine it's school and everyone wants to go there!"

"School on the move" is the name of this nationwide alliance of science, business, churches, trade unions, culture and students, and aims to establish a new learning culture in Germany's schools. There is an urgent need for enthusiasm and a school policy based on partnership instead of censorship, authority and pressure. German schools stopped in the 20th century, states the initiative and now wants to convert them into "biotopes of learning".

Young people should be inspired, enthusiastically develop curiosity and be able to determine their learning pace themselves based on individual concepts. In order to refine these concepts, the alliance is initially cooperating with 100 schools, which are provided with a so-called “potential development coach”. All wishful thinking? No, says the initiative, referring to a large number of schools in Germany that have already embarked on this new learning culture.

PISAplus asks: What do these "schools on the move" look like, can school Germany really be turned inside out in this direction? And what does this new course ask of everyone involved, especially teachers and school policy that sets the framework?

Interview guests include:

* Margret Rasfeld, headmistress of the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum and co-initiator of the nationwide educational initiative "Schools on the move"
* Student Evangelical School Berlin
* Sylvia Löhrmann, NRW School Minister and Deputy Chairwoman of the Conference of Ministers of Education
* Prof. Heinz Günter Holtappels, Institute for School Development Research TU Dortmund

As a contribution to this:

Verena Kemna: School on the move - What does this new nationwide educational initiative want and what response is there, for example, at a Berlin hotspot school?

Swantje Unterberg: What should school be like so that it is motivated and learning is fun? A survey among Hamburg students and teachers.

In addition, short messages from the world of education are planned.

A broadcast with audience participation:
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