Can spiders survive in vacuum cleaners?

Getting rid of spiders: can spiders crawl out of the vacuum cleaner?

They are among the guests who regularly come to most households: long-legged spiders. Their mere appearance horrifies many people, in some it triggers anxiety. But what species are there that get lost in the house and how do you get rid of them?

1. Cellar spiders have got used to human surroundings

Spiders feed on insects. It therefore seems astonishing that they can be found in basements and dark apartment corners. There are spider species such as the cellar spider or the trembling spider that live in this, for them unnatural, environment. They have got used to the human environment and feel comfortable there.

2. Many spiders get lost in the house

Other spider species - such as the zebra spider - are by no means looking for a roof over their heads. She simply gets lost in closed rooms through open windows and balcony doors. Somewhat different in autumn: then spiders look for suitable winter spots that protect them from low temperatures. The unwelcome roommates are not a health hazard: There are no poisonous spiders in Germany. Even the often feared cross spider cannot harm humans. Their bite is more likely to cause itching in humans, like a mosquito bite.

3. Spiders can crawl out of the vacuum cleaner bag

Nevertheless, many people hate the long-legged arachnids. Your only wish is to get rid of the animal as soon as possible. However, it is not advisable to use a vacuum cleaner. This method is particularly painful for spiders, and some species survive the ordeal and crawl out of the vacuum cleaner bag.

Depending on the vacuum cleaner model, spiders are sucked up by the floor nozzle at up to 140 km / h and thrown through the hose. Since the hose has a few bends, they hit the walls with full force on the left and right. So generally they end up dead in the dust bag.

It is more animal-friendly to put a glass over the animal. Slide a sheet of paper under it, tip it over and bring the animal outside. Special devices such as a "spider catcher" can also help if you are disgusted and do not want to touch the spider with your hand.

4. When spider fear is a disease

But even this kind of spider disposal is unthinkable for many people. The aversion to spiders is innate in many people. Probably the creepy is what is feared. The fear of the long-legged spider has persisted for generations. Although many people develop unpleasant feelings towards spiders, one can only speak of a clinical picture if the life of the person affected is significantly restricted.

Anyone who no longer leaves their apartment for fear of meeting spiders or who fears such a thing could crawl over them at night suffers from a serious mental disorder. A milder arachnophobia, on the other hand, can be treated with gradual desensitization. By slowly introducing them to the spider, those affected then reduce their fears. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training are also particularly effective.