How bad can large family get-togethers get

The big "What I CANNOT do because of Corona" contribution

I know the topic is annoying and there have been tons of posts about it. It's getting serious again lately. Today there was a record of new infections in Germany and the situation in Austria could become critical if the lockdown does not take effect soon.

I would like to encourage you to comply with all regulations and otherwise limit your contacts. Stay at home as much as possible or in places with very few people in nature. Always keep your distance, wash your hands often and wear a mask when you are with other people.

I've thought of something. Here under this post you can comment on what you are doing or rather not doing because of Corona. Some find it difficult not to see friends / relatives for so long or to do without restaurants, music lessons, the cinema ... Some have to postpone an operation or a family reunion, vacation, visit to the zoo ... has been canceled.
But it helps people, SAVES LIVES and health in general. You are doing something good if you forego contacts outside of home. Therefore, you can be proud if you limit your contacts.

Here is space for it, you can tell what you are doing without and what you are doing differently because of Corona.
The point is that you can get rid of these things. Every step counts. Sometimes it is easier if you can tell about it afterwards and record it. You can also see that you are not alone and it could be motivating if you talk about it and see that the others feel the same way.