Are Aquarius and Cancer compatible?

Cancer and Aquarius

The unbound and freedom-loving nature of Aquarius and the relationship-oriented world of Cancer hardly fit together. A challenge that can only be achieved if both sides learn to adapt.

Cancer and Aquarius - Using a very, very long leash

Aquarius is always on the go. Be it of a professional nature, if he travels frequently or is absent for a longer period of time, be it in his free time, when he is looking for balance and entertainment. Aquarius also needs their retreat, where they can reflect in peace and be completely to themselves. This is absolutely contrary to the personality and needs of Cancer. If Aquarius withdraws, Cancer feels neglected and unloved. However, if Cancer tries to bind Aquarius more closely to itself, Aquarius will try to evade the closeness of the relationship. Both have a happy relationship if Cancer can, figuratively speaking, let Aquarius walk on a very long leash. That also means staying at a distance.

Aquarius and Cancer - between attachment and needs

An Aquarius-Cancer relationship is always about closeness and distance. If the Aquarius wants more freedom for his work or hobbies, this is a reset for the Cancer and he feels offended. The tears then flow quickly. Or there are excuses: if there are a number of good arguments, Cancer should understand the needs of Aquarius, according to his idea. For cancer, however, these arguments are of no importance, for it only its emotional needs count. Here concessions are required of Aquarius if he wants to maintain the relationship with Cancer.

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Cancer as a partner

Loneliness and solitude is a terrible idea for Cancer. Cancer likes to have someone around, but without having to feel restricted by it. Read more about partnering with cancer here.