What do we mean by expert system

Properties and components of an expert system

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  • Peter Schnupp
  • Chau Thuy Nguyen Huu
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Expert systems are a new class of application programs. They should make the "knowledge" of an expert in a subject area available on a computer, usually as an interactive dialogue system. The most important difference to traditional programming is that not only the "data" but also the processing rules for them in a Knowledge base being held. The core of an expert system is a Inference machine. It draws conclusions from the knowledge stored there according to a specific strategy and thus develops new knowledge. Suitable Heuristics must ensure that this knowledge processing takes place in a targeted manner and that the information that answers the user queries is received in a reasonable time. Expert systems cannot (today) be implemented sensibly for all areas of activity. And depending on the area of ​​application, you can differentiate between different types of them.

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