Is fantasy football better than crazy

What is fantasy football?

The game principle

Most people think of orcs, elves, and dwarves when they first hear about fantasy football. Certainly that would also have its charm, but it might not be as successful as the original. Because that's a huge thing in the United States and it's played by millions of people. But not only there - since the NFL has become more and more popular in Europe, more and more football fans are starting to be interested in the fantasy version.

And no matter which variant you choose, it basically always works the same: Shortly before the start of the NFL season (usually at the end of August), each player puts together a team of NFL players in the so-called draft. Each week these teams compete against each other to determine the league winner. The NFL players are rated according to their real game performance. If a wide receiver has made seven catches for 84 receiving yards, he receives points for seven catches and 84 receiving yards. No more and no less. This is different from, for example, football manager games, where the evaluation is based on a subjective assessment.

The fascination

That not only makes it fairer, it also creates an even stronger bond with your own players, teams and coaches. You will quickly notice that you are happy or angry with them every weekend. This gives watching the NFL games a further attraction and sometimes leads to crazy situations when you need a touchdown from the quarterback of one team, but your fantasy opponent has a receiver from the same team and is not allowed to catch this touchdown.

There will always be situations where you would like to stick your head in the sand and toss everything. But that's not fantasy football.

Fantasy football is immersing yourself in the cosmos of the NFL and American football. To improve from year to year, meet new people and guide college talent as they make their way into and through the NFL.

And even if you make mistakes, you can only become wise through experience. Building a perfect team is difficult and takes a lot of work, because there is always a screw to be turned somewhere.

The different formats

Ultimately, fantasy football is not always fantasy football, as there are many different variants.

The redraft format is the most played and fastest-moving variant, which is also very suitable for beginners. Because here all players start every year with the same opportunities and a new team.

In a keeper league, you take a predetermined number of players with you into the new season and draft the rest of the team together.

The next level is then a Dynasty League. Here you keep your team as long as the league exists. The format is a bit more demanding and requires more time and preparation, but also creates a much greater bond with your own team.

If you don't feel like having to worry about a line-up every week, you can deal with the Bestball format. And those who just can't get enough of fantasy sport can even play in DFS leagues every day.

So you notice: everyone finds their format in fantasy football!