Can bats hear space sounds in space?

Science fiction radio plays (utopias by Perry Perkins to Commander Rhodan) / Spoiler warning!

titleauthoryearMin.SubjectPlot / short reviewPts.2068Stefan Blankertz200854Demography, dictatorshipEurope has allied itself with China against the US and the marginalized are rehearsing the uprising.
The acceptable and somewhat daring basic idea of ​​the radio play unfortunately has no chance against the director and script: With this confused mess of screams and whispers, the listener gets a headache in no time and feels aged at least 10 years prematurely.2(of
10Farewell to Jeanette ClaudeEva Maria Mudrich197856telepathyThe connection of brains is said to bring peace to mankind.
Even a good crew of speakers cannot give the dull content a listening pleasure2Fox departmentFriedrich Scholz1978120Space travelEight-parter about a mixed couple who undertake sometimes boring and sometimes exciting messenger journeys in space.
Nice conversation in a conversational tone, in a 70s atmosphere and with traditional role models.6AD-AM Two withdrawsEkkes Frank198445Artificial intelligenceThe AI ​​wants to take power
Even top-class speakers are just as unable to save the confused story with cheeky satirical texts as the music by Nena Kerner.2Adom and Iva and the end of jealousyJörg von Liebenfelß199258Space travelA seedy musician on board troubles settlers on their way to Mars.
Science fiction chamber piece with a slight touch of feature and dangerously close to the limit of moralizing. Still well and calmly staged, if not particularly exciting.3Affair Krater - Top SecretUrsula Horwitzapprox.
198030Extraterrestrians'Dead' objects can also harbor intelligence: E.g. moon craters.
Probably one of the most calm and relaxed SF radio plays ever. The plot can be safely neglected, the narrator and direction are great !8Alpha 0.7 - The enemy in youSebastian Büttner,
Oliver Hohengarten2010about 300Surveillance, totalitarianismYoung women revolt against the surveillance state.
The 6-part radio play series promises politically correct entertainment at its best with two women at the helm, who - as official bodies confirm to us again and again - are better people and therefore also adventurers. It's wonderful that a public broadcaster once confirmed this in the form of an SF series.2Ambergris - The last giftEike Gallwitz198955telepathyResearchers use telepathy to contact the largest marine mammals
A little too much science SF and easily missed the thriller. Suitable for one-time listening.5The ant waving a flag
or Doctor Federbaum's universe
Richard Hey197875Telepathy, paraphysicsThe world of tomorrow, trapped in ice, can only be saved with telepathy.
Combines philosophical questions with ecological ones and also describes highly human problems in space travel. Harmonious total work of art, musically experimental.8The other countryClaude Cueni198257surveillance stateDark, grotesque, ruthless. Not particularly conclusive and drifting into the sadistic at times.3At the ice lineHermann Ebeling198156Ice ageUnspectacular mood of an Ice Age final company. Mental instead of physical Darwinism. With both cynical and kitschy elements as well as Gerd Haucke.5The othersHorst paid197751Occultism, SpiritismHow do you get on the track of occult processes?
Chaotic narrative structure, but sometimes original.4The AndroidDavid Gieselmann200155Space travelAn annoying attempt at a modern science fiction musical1AndromedaFred Hoyle, John Elliot197055Extraterrestrians, genetic engineeringAliens transmit blueprints for superman to earth. Scientists and the military are stupid enough to implement the plans.
A hippie SF with loads of psychedelic music. Amazingly up-to-date for its age. Dedicated speakers act in a successful realization.7Fear on the skinHans Jürgen Buber198460ecology, capitalismExtremely depressing radio play about environmental toxins and labor exploitation. similarities with George Orwell's '1984' are hard to ignore.1Fear under treesUrsula K. LeGuin198559telepathyA planetary expedition supported by a telepath whom everyone hates for his abilities gets into trouble.
Good story, very good dialogues, little action, sometimes depressing and atmospherically dense.
meeting9The anti-Orpheus effectJörg von Liebenfelß197856Mass suggestionThe pop star of the fourth millennium uses psycho music.
Time criticism projected into the future. Rich in detail, but not very entertaining. At least it can come up with a little proto-synth music.3The antipodesChris Brohm198853ExtraterrestriansThe earth is a disk and on the lower side live 'subterranean' (antipodes).
Rich in detail, not very spectacular, with an unsatisfactory open ending.4Apis MellificaJiri place199353evolutionMore and more people are gradually turning into bees. A woman and a man want to oppose this. A metamorphosis that doesn't necessarily have to be a disadvantage?
Atmospherically dense radio play accompanied by suitable mood music Gerd Baltus7AquaversumIngo Hermann199342DarwinismStruggle for survival between peoples above and below the sea.
Proven speakers try to save a do-gooder radio play.4ArcturellaMarina Dietz199348ExtraterrestriansActually a thriller. Or is it more of a modern fairy tale? Maybe 10% science fiction.
After all: the story is somewhat unorthodox and entertaining in some places. One can certainly not blame this radio play for not being sufficiently confused or insufficiently complicated.4Asimov's heirsFrank Naumann198755Artificial intelligenceA startup company has to deal with the effects of artificial intelligence in the present.
Correct and 'woke' radio production of the MDR for popular education. Unnecessary music distracts from an actually good team of actors. Only the voice of Anne Müller, trimmed for 'cheeky girl', is negatively out of the ordinary.2The assassinationIsaac Asimov196752artificial intelligenceAlmost scientific, moderately exciting, but conclusive and well thought out.5Off to VenusMichael Gaida 198254PsychopathologyThe authorities on earth get rid of five psychologically problematic people with the help of the spaceship 'Scarab', which is supposed to transport the annoying fellow citizens to Venus. During the flight a nuclear war breaks out on earth, but even in space one does not remain undisturbed on board the 'flying dung beetle'.
Not exactly suitable for minors, but still a great masterpiece by Michael Gaida !10The orderHerbert W. Franke198457totalitarianismA perfect society evolves TOO perfect. A remedy must be found ...
In terms of democracy theory, informative if implemented well and with moderate tension.5On two planetsKurd Laßwitz, Helmut Swoboda198485ExtraterrestrialsPeople discover Martians at the poles of the earth. At first these are quite peaceful; a long-winded setting of an SF classic.2The eye of the supernovaDana Ranga200254Psychology, intrigueabout boring astronauts and even more boring computers - tough, unimaginative, poor in action, at best 'cozy'3From another worldChris Bruhn199157Parapsychology, extraterrestriansA teenager has a connection with aliens.
But over long stretches it looks very painful and clichéd. Unfortunately, some speakers are audibly overwhelmed.2Dreamed upCharles Bukowski199754Invasion, crime thrillerDuring his research, a private detective comes across aliens who can take the form of humans.
A typical `Bukowski´ in the style of a brisk (SF) crime novel.6The aliensFriedemann Schulz201058Work, burnout syndromeAn astronaut who runs a space station ponders her past.
Prominent with Martina Gedeck, the piece, staged with a steady hand, gets lost in too many threads. But at least gender mainstreaming is now in space.4Babel 1929Hermann Ebeling197955End times fantasyThe 1,000-story, ultra-modern Babel Tower is a perfect dictatorship.
Despite some interesting details, the spark does not jump over. Dark radio play with a depressing image of man.4The Babylonian TowerWerner Kloss197242Fun societyA game developer in a utopian society wants to grant a people of a backward society the wish for a 500km high tower.
Despite its age, foresees some recent developments. Entertaining and conclusive. Like many other old, successful SF settings, it creates a thoughtful, sensual atmosphere - in this case carried by the outstandingly distinctive speaker Gottfried John.5The temporaryElias Canetti196688lifespanA society determines the lifespan of its citizens in advance. Which not everyone likes to accept.
With the young Marius Müller-Westernhagen.2Encounter in the holotankRobert Silverberg199259holographyHistory, psychology, intelligent dialogues and a tiny bit of SF.7exampleFrederic Brown19723ExtraterrestriansShort radio play about the landing of a UFO in an idyllic small town. Atmospherically very successful, but too short!(6)Berenice
or the island dilemmaHans Kneifel198846Mutations, radioactivitySuccessful SF island drama for a person and a growing coral reef.7The eliminationEugene Egner200942Transdimensionality, paranoiaIn Wuppertal, a man comes across hostile aliens who use magnetic resonance imaging to move him into another dimension.
Sometimes entertaining and amusing persecution story, which, however, makes use of all too familiar stylistic devices.3The better thirdRobert Sheckley (Jörg Liebenfels)198958Split personalityAn olfactory engineer wants to reunite the two split-off personalities living separately in different bodies. However, they are somewhat suspect characters.
Optimal combination of stories and dialogues - exciting, funny, consistent - and with Gerd Haucke.
Additionally set to music as 'Das divided Ich' (see below)8Best-BestAdult Education Center Cologne (+ Peter Hasselblatt)197436deviationEverything is best in the future - but only for people who adapt.
A man (Peter Fricke) tries to break out ...3You can't see blondeLothar Stemmwedel199444holographyGood speakers, good dialogues, more weird than exciting.
meeting6Bohemia by the seaHans Magnus Enzensberger198858satireA fictional radio documentary about Europe in 2006.
Obsolete by reality and originality.

3Fatal glassesChris Brohm199752Time travel, fantasticA man travels to the future and there comes across the intrigues of his loved ones.
Boulevard-esque SF thriller with hinted philosophical touches.2Brother enemyBarry B. Longyear198156Exo-psychologyTwo pilots from hostile planets are engaged in inter-cosmic understanding between peoples. (filmed as ENEMY MINE)5Citizen Z560031B no longer presses his buttonHans Peter Pressmar197740totalitarianismPreserves antiquated fears about the future. Good atmospheric design, but not a convincing plot.3The Bunkermann cassetteUlrich Horstmann197940End timeAn audio cassette survived World War III and was found by regressed people. The piece tries to be tough and shake it up. That was certainly also indicated at the end of the 1970s.2CentropolisWalter Adler197554degenerationA future hostile metropolis, in which a second-rate actor and his girlfriend, who steals organs for transplants from accident victims, try to make their way through.
Sadistic, very cynical and extremely homophobic - that was well received by the war blind radio play jury in 1976.1Chaos manChris Brohm199355overpopulationA hand of scientists is developing dubious strategies against overpopulation.
Dramaturgically, the play is unfortunately at adult education level. After all, one character utters the most courageous question of the newer German-language radio play so far: 'Should only the mob bring children into the world? ´3Chemistry of memoriesHorst paid197553transplantationMemories and brains are transplanted for modern warfare.
Sober, cold, cruel and not very entertaining despite the participation of Gerd Baltus ..2The chip prompterJiri place200153Virtual hybridsBoulevard SF. Whether with an amateur director or an amateur cast, the HöRSPIELer has not yet made himself known. A little entertaining for a short distance, but still: It seems unbelievable that this piece should come from the pen of SF icon Jiri Ort. Must have been commissioned.2ChlorophyllChristian More198560ecologyScientists discover that some plants begin to grow at supernatural rates. The spread is quickly becoming a problem.
Halfway successful attempt to adapt the genre of the American 1950s SF films for radio play.4Citizen RobotClifford D Simak198959Reproduction, cyberneticsAn initially useful household robot becomes independent and begins to reproduce.
Something very sleek and seductive 'Robots made by Robots' variation.4Cogito in vitroIngomar von Kieseritzky199959transplantationQuite confused despite the excellent cast. But at least a real `Kieseritzky´ ... With Donata Höfer4countdownGünther Kuhnert198448Homosexuality, castrationTwo male astronauts trying to father offspring in a spaceship. Original story, solidly implemented.

6The demon of KowaraRoger Dixon1967190ExtraterrestriansThe hero knows what needs to be done - the initially unruly woman is soon at his side, submissive and grateful. Even in 1967 it was antiquated! (and also very boring) Thora had already heated up Perry Rhodan a few years earlier ...2DafanFrank Peter Hermsen200154Time travel, megalopolisA soldier is transported into the future of a gigantic techno world.
Promising approach. Is a little lost in its own sometimes quite original details.5Daisy DayHermann Ebeling198457Consumer societyA degenerate family on the wrong track. Funny, macabre.
meeting7D.A.S.E.R.Jörg Liebenfels199343Nuclear powerIndex fingers can hardly be raised any higher. Nevertheless, Liebenfels succeeds in generating some moments of tension. In addition, the radio play (crime scene: Helgoland; as a nuclear waste repository, you have to come to that first) a touch of Frisian humor ..6DemolitionAlfred Bester1973100telepathySF thriller in which an 'Esper' investigates. A little too long, but solidly realized.4Designer babyJörgpeter Ahlers200569geneticsChildren's radio play about immoral cloning that does not dwell on ambiguities.4The three stigmata of the Palmer EldritchPhilip K. Dick2012109ParapsychologyA seer fights for his love.
Routine but unfortunately badly structured and therefore confused setting of a presumably acceptable original story by Philip K. Dick.3The three from outsideEkkes Frank198844degenerationquite confused for long stretches. A little ingratiating linguistically. Unfortunately, the figures only remain interesting in the beginning.4The third civilizationBoris and Arkadi Strugatzkij199961Metaphysics, extraterriansAstronauts encounter very sensitive aliens on a planet.
Excellent speakers in a potentially exciting piece. However, the common thread and the resolution are missing.
via spokesman J. Wawrczek5Edit - Big SisterHermann Ebeling198555artificial intelligenceA computer exposes a conspiracy.
The radio play almost comes across as a SF soap. Unspectacular, attention to detail.5EifelheimHermann Motschach199254ExtraterrestriansIn the Middle Ages, extraterrestrials seem to have been stranded in Eifelheim. Mysterious research thriller with local Baden flavor about a city that was lost in the Middle Ages.6A billion years before the end of the worldArkadi and Boris Strugatzki201696ExtraterrestriansA Leningrad scientist is put under pressure both privately and by the state. But are there really human powers behind it? Very detailed implementation of an interesting material. Instead of plot, the piece offers a lot of theorizing.4One wayMichael Springer198774Apocalypse, anarchyA young woman desperately wants to go to Wales in a Europe without governments.
Dark, if gripping, end-time scenarios in a Europe whose government cliques have betrayed ordinary citizens. Did the author do the development for the 21stCan already foresee the century?3An experiment by Doctor E. on the habitability of hellHermann Ebeling197655Environment, illusion