Who created us Why were we created

God made the world

(Elementary Catechesis 1)

God created what we see: people, animals, plants, mountains, stars, light and dark.

He created everything there is, even if we cannot see it, but can still recognize it: the air, radio waves, atomic nuclei, etc. God created things that we know today that earlier generations did not know, and he certainly has also created things that we don't know about today, that will only be discovered in the future.

God also created a spiritual world, e.g. the angels.

We sometimes touch this spiritual world with our thoughts, feelings.

And some things remain his secret.

God created the world and entrusted it to man so that he could shape it in order to be able to live on it in human dignity.

Suggestion for deepening:

Address creation and evolution in their similar and different concerns.

Suggestion for practice:

Go for a walk with open eyes and consciously perceive plants, animals, stones, light, air, etc.: Be amazed at how everything “fits together”.


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth;

but the earth was desolate and confused,

Darkness lay over the primordial flood

and the Spirit of God hovered over the water.

God said:

Let there be light. And there was light. ...

God looked at everything he had done:

It was very good.

(Gen 1,1-3.31)

Our God is in heaven;

everything that pleases him, he accomplishes.

(Ps 115,3)

Lord, how many are your works!

With wisdom you made them all

the earth is full of your creatures.

(Ps 104:24)

You love everything that is

and do not abhor anything that you have made;

because if you had hated something, you would not have created it.

How could something last without your will

or how could something be preserved

that wasn't brought into being by you?

You spare everything because it is your property

Lord you friend of life.

(Wis 11,24-26)


Almighty God

that you are present in the vastness of space

and in the smallest of your creatures;

who you all that exists,

encloses with your tenderness:

pour us the power of your love,

so that we may guard life and beauty.

Flood us with peace

so that we as brothers and sisters

live and harm no one.

God of the poor,

help us, the abandoned and forgotten of this earth,

that are so precious in your eyes to save.

Heal our life

so that we are protectors of the world and not robbers,

so that we may sow beauty and not pollution and destruction.

Touch the hearts of those

who only seek profit at the expense of the poor and the earth.

Teach us

to discover the value of all things

and to look on with admiration;

to realize that we are deeply connected

with all creatures

on our way to your infinite light.

Thank you for being with us every day.

Please encourage us

in our struggle for justice,

Love and peace.

(Pope Francis)