What are important computer skills

Take a computer course now!

We are looking for employees with good IT skills ”- this or something similar is often mentioned in the job advertisements. But what does this requirement mean in detail? What do hiring managers expect when it comes to computer literacy? And what can you do?

PC skills are indispensable nowadays and “very good skills” are often required. But what does that mean exactly? In contrast to language skills, there are no generally applicable levels of competence in this area. The better you should be prepared and acquire sufficient computer skills in the most important programs at an early stage.

Sufficient computer skills are essential in everyday working life

Regardless of the industry: Most employers require at least knowledge of the most important MS Office products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Don't let it get to the point where you fail in the application process due to insufficient knowledge. The more extensive and secure your PC skills, the greater your chances. Set the standard. Do not let yourself be unsettled.

Now shine in applications and in the professional world with PC skills

In our Barbarossa learning studio, we offer a variety of computer courses to adults and companies. Regardless of whether you have no knowledge or are already advanced - you are sure to find the right computer course with us. The experienced computer instructors are based on your PC skills and adapt the computer course exactly to your wishes and needs.

Computer courses for companies also as in-house training

We work closely with many companies who have computer training courses carried out by us on their own premises. Some companies also choose an external training location for their computer courses. Individual participants come to our learning studio, among other things. You choose where, how and when the computer course should take place. Make your employees fit for the computer with professional computer courses in the Barbarossa learning studio.

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