Why does nobody trust Hillary Clinton

Journal B

“All nonsense, all lied, and stupidly lied to it, and everything so ridiculous that everyone, I thought, had to see it right away. Instead, the audience sat as if spellbound, and some had a bliss written on their faces that no longer had anything to do with the content of the speech, but reflected the deep well-being of a soul that was thoroughly upset and shaken. "

Journalist Konrad Heiden has observed Hitler's appearances in Germany since the 1920s.

These days this observation strikes us as strangely familiar. On January 20, Donald Trump is installed as President of the United States. Even if nobody can say that Trump, Le Pen, Wilders, Orban, Johnson and the like could come back like it did almost a hundred years ago, the fears and worries of many people are there.

The American historian Anne Applebaum said in the “Bund” conversation on December 27, 2016: “I am not saying that it has to end with Hitler and a mass murder of the Jews. But there is something similar in the air. [...] During the Great Depression in the 1930s, people doubted capitalism and liberal democracy. They no longer believed in it, believed that the system ’was weak. It's the same things you hear today from the extreme right - and to a certain extent also from the extreme left. "

If after the presidential election in Austria, after England's yes to Brexit and the Trump election (with 2.8 million votes less than for Hillary Clinton) today, we ask what will come, then these fears and worries count. They are to be taken just as seriously as those of the older white men and women in the USA who earn less or have lost their jobs and their former place in society because of free trade and the unhindered movement of capital - not because of the free movement of people.

Despite all understanding of their justified fears and worries, we must not forget whom they gave their vote: a racist, women-despising, lying, filthy rich business man who believes in his "better" genes and despises those he does not regard as his own as losers. His voters too.

We hope for the Trump presidency. We know how things came about with Hitler. A little better thanks to the book from which the quote at the beginning comes - Stefan Aust: Hitler's first enemy. The fight of Konrad Heiden, Rowohlt, Reinbek bei Hamburg 2016, 384 p., Fr. 39.10.