How do I survive law school

Wednesday April 4, 2012

Survival made easy

There is plenty of good advice for studying law, for example on the Bucerius Law School applicant portal. Among other things, there is the legendary film with Prof. Dr. Florian Faust, in which he (nota bene: with a Bucerius tie!) Explains what Jura is all about during the so-called trial day. This is first class didactically and in terms of content and - thanks to a Regensburg dialect that is still easy to hear - also charming to listen to and watch. No wonder that he was awarded the "Roaring Deer", the prize for best teaching, from the university's alumni association.

A look across the pond shows that seriousness and slapstick are often close together in the USA when it comes to this topic too. Many are familiar with the book "One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School" by Scott Turow, which describes life at an Ivy League law school in the first year in an amusing way. My favorite, however, is Professor David Steinberg of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, who gives tips on "Surviving Law School".

I am torn between whether the content (e.g. be a professional: work smarter, arrive early, get rest etc.) or the form of the presentation impresses me more. In any case, he is really trying hard with his discipuli. I would like to know what other tips and hints his folder contains ...