What's your favorite carrot cake recipe

Great variant of the classic carrot cake: This low-fat carrot cake tastes wonderfully rich and fruity!

For me, this is the perfect healthy carrot cake: juicy, fruity, and at the same time quite low in fat and low in sugar. Of course, the classic carrot cake is also delicious. But if you want to bake something lighter for a change, you should definitely try my low-calorie carrot cake recipe!

The popular Easter classic carrot cake is, contrary to what its vegetable name suggests, sometimes quite a calorie bomb (which is not bad per se 😉!). So I experimented a bit a few years ago to see if you could low-fat carrot cake can make you juicy and tasty without using tons of eggs, fat, sugar and nuts. I am very happy with this version of a low fat carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. That's why I make the healthy carrot cake recipe from our archive every year. As you can see from the slightly different pictures below, I sometimes sweeten the dough with lighter raw cane sugar, sometimes with darker whole cane sugar or coconut sugar. Who a healthy carrot cake without Like to bake sugar, you will find tips below.

The carrot cake becomes really fruity and moist with grated carrots and lots of pineapple pieces in the dough, without a lot of butter, oil or eggs getting into the dough. For this recipe, I use unsweetened canned pineapple (filling quantity 560 grams, drained weight 340 grams).

Even healthier: low-fat carrot cake without sugar

For a sugar-free carrot cake, you can also use xylitol or erythritol in addition to raw cane sugar. The cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake then contains, for example, sugar-free powder xucker. By the way: In my book “Clean Baking” you will find a very similar recipe for clean carrot cake without white flour and the like, but with whole grain instead.

Interestingly, the recipe is a carrot cake with pineapple, but the fruit doesn't even taste that much, it mainly ensures the wonderfully moist consistency of the dough. My conclusion: a healthy low-fat carrot cakethat is “slim”, but fortunately doesn't taste like that 🙂. For more variety, check out my carrot bimuffins or the mini gugl!

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Note: I published this post for the first time in 2014 and last updated it in 2020.

Low-fat, juicy carrot cake

This carrot cake is not only low in calories and fat, but also particularly fruity and juicy thanks to the pineapple in the batter. Healthy carrot cake can taste this good!
Quantity: 1cl. Springform pan (22 cm)


For the dough

  • 250 grams of shredded carrots
  • 350 grams unsweetened pineapple, canned, drained weight
  • 2 medium-sized eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • 130 grams raw cane sugar or Whole cane sugar, xylitol, erythritol
  • 220 grams of wheat flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

For the frosting

  • 200 grams of cream cheese low in fat
  • 80 grams of powdered sugar or sugar-free Sukrin Melis or powdered xucker
  • 40 grams almonds chopped and roasted, optional
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


  • Grease the springform pan, dust with flour and refrigerate. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees top and bottom heat.
  • Peel the carrots and grate finely. Drain the pineapple well and finely chop it with a large knife. Drain again.
  • Beat the eggs until frothy. First stir in the oil and sugar, then add the grated carrot and pineapple as well.
  • In a second bowl, mix the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Gradually pour the mixture into the bowl with the wet ingredients to make a homogeneous batter.
  • Pour the cake batter into the springform pan, smooth it out and bake for about 40 minutes. Make a chopstick test. The cake can be nice and juicy inside!
  • While the carrot cake is cooling, for the cream cheese frosting, stir the cream cheese with the lemon juice until smooth. Gradually add the sifted powdered sugar and spread the cream on the cake. Sprinkle with the almonds.

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