Has modern pornography harmed society?

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According to popular belief, pornography has been around since ancient times and it is used for education. But far from it. Experts have only been talking about pornography since the mass media existed and it has long since ceased to be used for education purposes. It is undergoing radical change. The internet created a completely new genre of porn: free and freely available - also for children. Cheap films with amateurs and webcam girls that consumers can even have sex with. One of them is Mara from Bavaria. The 29-year-old has been with us for almost two years. She was a master of floristry. She then finds her way into pornography through her husband. All sexual inclinations are satisfied on the Internet today - the most bizarre, perverse forms. Pornography is a billion dollar business. And right in the middle: Germany! Nobody watches porn more than we Germans - we are porn world champions. Many benefit from it and more and more are participating. For example Fiona. At least that's the name she gave herself on the Internet. The allegedly 21-year-old wants to become a porn actress, at the time of filming she is about to start, during which she is accompanied - by a manager and the documentation. She has no doubts. Pornography has long been part of our modern society.

But there are several deep downsides, experts warn. One of them: porn is as dangerous as drugs, some compare it to cocaine. There are more and more addicts. They get the wrong picture of sexuality, inflict violence on women, as in porn - they don't know it any other way. Like Rocco from Leipzig. He belongs to the so-called generation of porn and says: porn destroys your life. The 21-year-old was addicted for five years. He starts at eleven. His first time masturbation has become a porn. When he was thirteen he got a cell phone, and it made his addiction worse. Rocco needs ever harder films, violence that he also transfers to his sex life. Sabine Maschke researched sexual violence against students. The educational scientist from the University of Marburg asked almost 3,000 students. The results are alarming: sexual violence is part of everyday life for young people. And: Frequent consumption of pornography increases the likelihood of sexual assault. Another study shows: Young people and children are confronted with porn earlier and earlier - often unintentionally. It can harm them for a lifetime. It is the same with Sindy. The 29-year-old first came into contact with porn when she was 9, and it damaged her forever. She takes over the behavior of the actresses, lives the so-called porn lifestyle. She has sex with hundreds of men and experiences abuse, coercion and rape.

Another downside concerns the actors? Their working conditions have deteriorated extremely. They always have to offer more, they are humiliated, humiliated, and beaten. According to experts, almost 90 percent of them were sexually abused in their childhood, many of them are traumatized. Nora too. Her name has been changed, she doesn't want to be recognized. Nora was a porn actress for four years and almost died from it. She says: The industry is getting worse and worse. Pornography is prostitution, often forced prostitution. The 29-year-old is abused in her childhood and later pushed into pornography by her mother. There she is beaten, raped and exploited. In order to endure everything, she drinks alcohol and also takes drugs. Like, according to insiders, 90 percent of all actors.

But are the downsides reason enough to demonize an entire industry or to think about bans?

The documentation examines this question. “No” is what those who see pornography as a legitimate part of a liberal society say. Quite a few critics say “yes” and sound the alarm: we will destroy an entire generation, an entire society, if we don't do something about it. Pornography is the entry into prostitution and vice versa. With all its dramatic consequences - human trafficking, exploitation, violence.

Where is this supposed to end?

The film also takes a look at the USA. It is considered the mecca of the porn industry. Around 90 percent of all porn films that are on the market worldwide are produced in the San Vernando Valley, also known as Porn Valley. It's just a few miles from Hollywood. In Porn Valley, it is estimated that pornography has higher sales than movies in Hollywood. But there are also deep downsides here. A series of deaths among actresses and an HIV scandal shake the industry. The power of the porn industry is evident in the struggle for condom laws.

What can be done about the free availability of Internet pornography?

This is evident in the UK. Here, the government began in 2014 to massively tighten the laws in this regard - to protect young people. It all started with protests from angry parents.

Why doesn't anyone do anything about it with us?

According to insiders, Germany has no interest in changing anything about the free availability of pornography. In the documentation it becomes clear: Behind it are lobbyists from various industries who earn millions from the billion-dollar business of pornography and who influence legislation. The result: a pornographic society.


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