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I already showed you that the Arab airline Emirates promises you pure luxury in my last article about the airline's business and first class. But now she's going one step further: a few weeks ago, Emirates presented its latest design concept for the interior of the Boeing 777. Multi-million dollar investments were used to provide travelers with a full cabin, from First Class Suite to Economy Class, redesigned seats and an expanded in-flight entertainment system. Above all, it is the new First Class from Emirates that has already been awaited with great excitement and curiosity, because it definitely sets the tone new standards.

New First Class Suite from Emirates

The unexpected | Luxury and comfort

Service and entertainment

Here is a little foretaste:

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Private first class suite

As soon as you enter the first class area, it is as if you were stepping into a completely different world - a world that you would hardly have expected to be so luxurious. Greeted by the smiling and incredibly friendly staff, you are taken past a softly lit, national tree of the United Arab Emirates to your private first class suite - there are only six of them on board the Boeing 777. privacy This is very important here, you notice it right away, because the doors of the suite that reach up to the ceiling can be completely closed. Once you have arrived in the luxury suite, you can lean back and relax and do whatever you want completely undisturbed - nobody can disturb you here.

Luxury wherever the eye can see

In the First Class Suite at Emirates there is actually nothing that does not exist: Set your personal lighting and the temperature to what is convenient for you, lean in yours Zero gravity seat back to a very comfortable, natural resting position and enjoy the ultimate in comfort during the entire flight. Even if you've booked a medium-sized cabin, thanks to the virtual window, you can have one High definition view enjoy or simply use the binoculars to watch the sky from your suite - actually completely superfluous, but still somehow incredibly cool.

The spacious suites are around four square meters in size and shine in light gray, cream and champagne - this is how the open feeling of space of subtle and timeless luxury should be supported, according to Emirates. Thanks to the very practical luggage compartments, you also have enough storage space and can hang up your wardrobe comfortably in the closet, because if you want to sleep for a few hours, it's best to swap them for Hydra Active Moisturing pajamas.

You won't find so much luxury anywhere else!

This pure feel-good experience is rounded off by an inspiration kit with high-quality Byredo products and an amenity kit from Bulgari - with this you can retreat to the bathroom and freshen up as you need, here you can even expect oneSpa shower. Yes, you read that right, here you can actually enjoy a shower on board - that's what I call luxury!

Zero Gravity - like in space

Incidentally, I can confidently take away the worry that you won't be able to sleep well during your flight of several hours: The soft leather seats can be converted into a comfortable flat bed and, as already mentioned at the beginning, have a so-called "zero gravity" position, which is based on a technology inspired by NASA for relaxed and weightless sitting. Now it's time for entertainment, maybe even put on the sleeping mask and good night!

What does Mercedes have to do with it?

Incidentally, the airline was inspired by the for its latest first-class product Design philosophy of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class - a collaboration that explains, for example, the extra soft leather seats, the high-tech control elements and also the so-called mood lighting in the cabin lighting. But the cooperation does not only have advantages for travelers on board - Emirates and Mercedes Benz have also expanded their cooperation on the ground by providing a fleet of S-Class vehicles for the free chauffeur service in Dubai.

Champagne on video, 2500 films on demand

Another novelty in the Emirates 777-First Class: Thanks to the Videocall function Passengers can now communicate more easily and quickly with flight attendants and make use of room service. In addition, the suites have their own small service window, through which drinks and canap├ęs are served to passengers without their privacy being disturbed. And of course, as a First Class passenger, you can enjoy a flight here as well as on all Emirates flights "Dine on demand" service - This means that you can look forward to a selection of excellent dishes prepared by gourmet chefs around the clock, which are accompanied by selected wines, champagnes and spirits from all over the world. In addition, you have your own minibar with various snacks and drinks. As you can see - no wishes remain unfulfilled when it comes to service either.

What is still missing is the right entertainment, and of course that is not neglected here either. So you can choose from the Emirates in-flight entertainment program Ice more than 2500 channels "On demand", which you can call up in full HD on your personal 32-inch LCD screen. If you prefer to look at something on your own device, you can project it comfortably and easily onto the screen. The entertainment experience is finally supplemented by the new Bowers & Wilkins Active Noise Canceling E1 headphones, which were specially developed and designed by the manufacturer for Emirates and are tailored to the needs of the cabin in First Class.

Pure luxury at Emirates

And did I promise too much at the beginning? So if it's up to me - and I think that I'm not alone with this view - the new 777 First Class Suite from Emirates can really be seen. So much Attention to detail, combined with so much luxury, I've really rarely seen it before. It is almost unbelievable what the airline has come up with to give its passengers a perfect flight experience. If you want to find out more about the Emirates, the service and the various offers on board, take a look at my travel magazine - you will find a few more exciting articles here. With me you will also find everything you need for your Dubai vacation need to know.

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