Have you ever damaged your spine?

Artificial discs

An artificial disc is a prosthesis that is implanted between two vertebral bodies to replace the natural disc and to maintain mobility in the treated vertebral segment.

If non-surgical therapies do not provide relief for an acute herniated disc, your doctor may recommend spinal surgery. The aim of such an operation is to remove all parts of the damaged disc (discectomy), to reduce the pressure on the nerves and / or the spinal cord (decompression) and to restore the spinal stability and alignment after the disc has been removed.

Vertebral stiffening is usually the standard therapy for the surgical treatment of herniated discs or degenerative complaints in the cervical spine. With the help of bone grafts and a set of instruments such as metal plates and screws, two vertebral bodies lying next to one another are connected to one another during this procedure. Ideally, this will stabilize the spinal segment and alleviate the pain.

This procedure is successful for many patients. But the vertebral stiffening leads to a loss of mobility and flexibility in the treated vertebral body segment.

As an alternative to spinal stiffening, your doctor may suggest implanting an artificial disc. This is a form of arthroplasty in which an artificial disc is inserted between the vertebrae after the natural disc is removed from the cervical spine.

With the help of the artificial disc, the mobility between the vertebrae and in the entire treated segment is maintained. The artificial disc Prestige® Medtronic's LP is designed like a joint so it can provide the range of motion (flexion, stretching, lateral flexion, and rotation) and orientation (size and curvature) of a natural disc.

The PRESTIGE® LP Cervical Disc Prosthesis consists of two halves that form a unit based on the ball-and-socket joint principle. Both halves of the implant are anchored in the adjacent vertebral body. Thanks to the ball joint mechanism of the PRESTIGE® LP Cervical Disc Prosthesis, the adjacent vertebrae are flexibly connected to one another.