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Luxury hotel in Mauritius: the dream island at a glance

Before we introduce you to the best luxury hotels in Mauritius, we want you to have one brief insight into the dream island give in the Indian Ocean.

Where is Mauritius located?

Mauritius is an island nation that in theSouthwest of the Indian Ocean lies. It is located about 870 kilometers east of Madagascar. Mauritius is a representative democracy, the republic is geographically assigned to the African continent.

Where do flights to Mauritius leave from and how long is the flight time to Mauritius?

Mauritius will from all major airports served in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Depending on which airport you are flying from, there are also stopovers.

The actual flight time is an average of 10 to 12 hours, depending on the departure airport. If there is a stopover, the journey usually takes between 15 and 20 hours.

Mauritius: size of the island

Mauritius measures about 2040 km². The island measures 64 kilometers on the longest side and 47 kilometers on the widest. For comparison: Germany has an area of ​​around 360,000 square kilometers, which is around 176 times larger than Mauritius.

Most beautiful beach in Mauritius: which one is it?

Of course, this cannot be answered across the board. Mauritius is a true natural gem, including one incredible abundance of breathtaking beaches offers. It is best to decide for yourself which of the numerous beaches is the most beautiful.

You can find more information about the wonderful gem of Mauritius in our Mauritius travel tips.

Mauritius luxury hotel: These are the offers at EWTC

Now that you have learned a little more about the island dream of Mauritius, we want you now some of the top luxury hotels in Mauritius that you can book at EWTC.

Constance Prince Maurice

The beautiful, natural facility des Constance Prince Maurice is located on the northeast coast of the island. The lush green surroundings harmonize perfectly with the appealing design of the hotel.

  • Pools, fitness center, sauna and much more. m. make the heart of a discerning traveler beat faster.
  • The 88 suites and villas (bookable with pool) shine with stylish, natural interiorthat was inspired by the sight of the surrounding landscape.
  • In the three restaurants and bars of the hotel you will get your money's worth with culinary delights. The grilled lobster at Le Barachois is particularly recommended.

Have we aroused your interest in this jewel among the luxury hotels in Mauritius? Then click on the following link> Constance Prince Maurice and check into paradise soon.

The Oberoi Beach Resort Mauritius

The Oberoi Mauritius is located on the northwest coast of the island and enchants there with its timeless elegance and the beautiful gardens. This connects directly to the 600 meter long sandy beach - making the Oberoi one of the top Mauritius luxury hotels on the beach. The capital, Port Louis, is just a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

  • The 71 enchanting suites and villas convince with spacious living areas, breathtaking views and many amenities that meet your high demands.
  • Enjoy in two restaurants and a bar culinary highlights and in the first-class The Oberoi Spa you can let yourself be pampered with treatments, massages, etc.

Have you always wanted to experience your vacation in such a charming hideaway? Then follow this link> The Oberoi Beach Resort Mauritius and spend the night soon in luxurious seclusion.

LUX Grand Gaube

Retro chic meets a breathtaking backdrop: in the LUX Grande Gaube, with great attention to detail worked - you can see that in the homemade beverage creations as well as in the individually designed rooms and suites.

Relaxation in the hotel's own spa, exercise in the state-of-the-art fitness studio or simply enjoy one of the LUX's diverse culinary facilities: no matter what you do here, you will always enjoy the incomparable view of the Indian Ocean.

The charm of the hotel is also evident in the loving little thingsthat you can experience there: red vintage telephone booths, creative types of ice cream, buried messages in a bottle with exclusive “treasures” in them.

If you do that unique ambience of this house, which is certainly one of the most beautiful hotels in Mauritius, just follow this link to book> LUX Grand Gaube.

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa

You will live particularly idyllic and close to nature in the "Shanti" on the pristine south coast of Mauritius: Sandy beach, coral bay and turquoise sea water belong here to the picture.

  • But not only at the gates of the hotel you can find peace: In the multi-award-winning Shanti Spa, body and soul are brought back into harmony thanks to the skills of doctors and therapists.
  • On the hotel's own golf course, in the four pools, in the fitness center or on the hotel's jogging trail, you can also relax during your dream vacation do sports.
  • As a reward, treat yourself to a culinary treat in one of the hotel's numerous restaurants.

You can find out more about this idyllic hotel under the following link> Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa. Here you can too Book your dream stay.

Luxury hotel in Mauritius: sights, activities and more

Mauritius is home to beautiful butter-soft sandy beaches, breathtaking bays with corals and turquoise water. So who one incomparable nature experience you will definitely find it on the dream island in the Indian Ocean. Find out how to best explore the island's fantastic beauty in the following Mauritius excursion tips from EWTC.

Helicopter flight

What is the most spectacular way to explore the island jewel Mauritius from the east coast to the west coast than from a bird's eye view? For 45 minutes you can enjoy sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and sights such as the capital Port Louis, the Black River region and Hindu temple sites from above with the Corail Helicopters.

Aqua Soleil

Get closer to the pristine beauty of the island on a wonderful boat trip with Aqua Soleil. On a Full day tour including lobster meal at lunchtime you will experience bays and crystal clear water up close.

Snorkeling and swimming are one of the options that you should definitely take advantage of as part of this boat tour. Bathing and diving in the dazzling underwater world of the island beauty Mauritius is hard to compare with any other experience. So enjoy it to the full!

The shipwreck of Dalblair, the Île aux Aigrettes, an old fortress on the Île de La Passe and a striking lighthouse on the Île aux Fouquets are just a few stops on this impressive tour. Best to let yourself go enchant live and up close.

You can find more information about the above tips from EWTC under the following link> Excursions Mauritius.

Book a luxury hotel in Mauritius with EWTC

Mauritius is a true paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Here body and soul come into harmony again. This is also ensured by the comprehensive offers of the Mauritius luxury hotels from the EWTC offer. If you want to spend your next exclusive vacation in one of them, simply send us a non-binding travel request.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact us. Perhaps you will get one or the other answer in the following FAQs.

Faqs: luxury hotel Mauritius

What are the best luxury hotels in Mauritius?

All luxury hotels in Mauritius that you can book with EWTC meet the highest standards and cater to their discerning guests Service, offers and equipment at its best. You should decide for yourself which of the Mauritius luxury hotels you find best.

Which luxury hotels in Mauritius have a pool?

All of the luxury hotels in Mauritius offered by EWTC have one or more pools.

Which luxury hotels in Mauritius are good for families?

All Mauritius luxury hotels are at EWTC suitable for families with children. The domiciles in paradise also offer the ideal setting for romantic vacations for two.