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Farmers - why so important?

03 Aug Farmers - why is it so important?

They are the first link in the chain of civilization - they till the fields, the soil, shape nature and take care of the fields. No type of company could exist and remain independent without farmers! Let's never forget the importance of our farmers.

We live in Tyrol, a beautiful green spot on earth and we have the luxury of simply driving to a nearby farmer and buying the freshest, healthiest products. The smell of fresh milk, the taste of handmade butter and eggs from happy ’chickens - there is almost nothing better! The low milk prices for farmers are a serious problem that basically lies with each of us. How about thinking about not always reaching for the cheapest product or buying regionally from the farmer around the corner.

A life without farmers would mean a worse life for all of us - for this generation but also for those to come. We should give our children the necessary appreciation for farmers and set an example!

We stand behind the farmers in our region - you too?

Your Lintner team!