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Ghosting: When someone disappears from my life

The word “ghosting” comes from English and can be translated into German as a wordless break in relationships and friendships. Like a ghost, a person disappears from life during ghosting. No farewell, no explanatory words, only questions remain. Many dates, but also relationships, end this way. Messages are no longer answered, calls are blocked and all connections are cut. "It looks as if you were dealing with a hologram or a frameless body, a ghost or a ghost," describes the author Tina Soliman in her book "Ghosting. From the traceless disappearance of humans in the digital age “the state.

The term ghosting has been an established term since 2015. The authors of the "Collins" dictionaries describe the phenomenon as "the termination of a relationship through a sudden break in contact". But ghosting has not only existed since 2015. The generations before us also experienced the wordless escape from relationships, says graduate psychologist and book author Nele Sehrt: “Ghosting also existed before the current generation. It's probably more noticeable today, as everyone is easy to reach and it's very easy with purely digital relationships. You can see that someone is online but not answering. It was different in the days when you were still writing letters or waiting for a phone call. Nowadays we are more networked, at least digitally. "