Are there cases in which animals forgive

If you want to give a dog a new home, it makes most sense to come by during our visiting hours and speak to our zookeepers.

There is no mediation according to scheme F. The most important thing is that humans and animals fit together. And you can only tell when you get to know each other. Usually, after an initial conversation with the dog, you will go for a walk to get to know him better outside of the shelter grounds. For many dogs, everyday life at the shelter is pure stress; outside the shelter you can concentrate on the dog and the dog on you. Please keep in mind that in individual cases it may be necessary for you to come by several times to get to know a dog better, for example if the dog is anxious or a little more difficult. This is important and ultimately the decision for an animal should be a decision for a dog's life.

If you live for rent, we always need a written approval from the landlord that dogs are allowed. It is important that the landlord's certificate contains your home address, the contact address of your landlord and the conditions under which a dog is allowed (some landlords only allow one dog, other dogs up to a certain size and still others exclude certain breeds from the permit out). The permit contains the place, date and signature of the landlord. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve a dog for you until this permit has been obtained. It makes most sense if you bring the landlord's certificate with you on your first visit before you give your heart to one of our protégés.

If there is sympathy on both sides and you are sure that the dog and you want to stay together for a lifetime, you can make an appointment for a trial day with the four-legged friend, which of course can only provide a brief insight. However, in the interests of the dog, an overnight stay is not possible, as in our experience it is not good for the animals.

Now nothing stands in the way of a placement and you can take over the dog with an animal protection contract and pay the nominal fee.

We see dogs as family members and only mediate in housing. There are certainly a few exceptions to the rule, but it is up to the dog to determine them.

Our dogs are all dewormed, deflead, vaccinated, chipped and usually neutered.