Sylvester is the host in Westworld

Why does Dolores have no bones?

Delores was first seen more than 30 years before the "current" events in Westworld founded (in fact she was the first Hostess), and so its structure at the time reflected the less advanced nature of its design.

The designs have improved so much over time that the underlying structure appears to be actually a skeletal structure with "flesh" overlaid in a dipping process.

BUT we do not know whether the "current" Delores are the same physical being as the "original" Delores.

Given that the hosts appear to be interchangeable (see Clementine Pennyfeather & Delores' father Peter Abernathy ), it is very likely that your programming / memory files have been uploaded to a newer design over time.

According to Jonathan Nolan about Entertainment Weekly (src: )

"Their design and power source are something that we're really going to get into in season two," Nolan said. "So we want to keep this secret."

Nolan added that they wanted to spend more time studying how the hosts are made, because at this point they are far more biological than mechanical, and investigating what their main weakness is. Although they share many traits with the people who created them, their brains are still very different from humans, making the process of killing them more difficult.

"On the one hand, their perception is controllable and malleable, but on a structural level, they can't be killed in the same way that you and I can," said Nolan. “Being a host has advantages and disadvantages. In season two, we'll dig deeper into what they are - how the hosts themselves try to understand. "

Catija ♦

I think the interchangeability only relates to their personas, much like an actor playing different roles. As far as I can tell, each hostname refers to a particular appearance of the host rather than the mental entity within. That being said, it seems certain that if their current body is beyond repair, they can build new (outwardly identical) bodies for the same host. So it's entirely possible (if not likely) that they've updated Delores hardware for the past 30 years.

Catija ♦

I don't think they'd change the appearance of a host ... like putting Delores' "brain" in Clementine's body.


They exchanged Clementine and Dolore's father for different models with the same roles. You have just uploaded this personality program to the new hosts.

Catija ♦

But Dolores' father's name is never said ... We know they change roles occasionally, if not often. They don't seem to change their name, however. I also don't think the Clementine substitute was ever called "Clementine", but I don't remember for sure. Like I said, it's like an actor playing a role. Different actor, same part.


No, but we see two different hosts playing the same role, certainly for Dolores' father ... that's a pretty good indicator that the hosts are just programming and the bodies are not relevant.