Which comes first, proofreading or editing

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Proofreading finalized

Most of our customers commission us to carry out proofreading, although we also offer various other proofreading services. There are reasons for this: Although editing, for example, only incurs a small surcharge compared to proofreading, the additional service is a plus that convinces many interested parties. Editing provides many suggestions that can be used to clearly enhance the content of a text directly (with regard to argumentation, formalities, scientificity, etc., but not with regard to technical aspects). In addition, there is a clear educational benefit, the tips can also be used in future scientific texts.

Since its inception ,korkturlesen.org has earned an excellent reputation. Not only academic texts were edited ,korkturlesen.org also carried out numerous corrections for companies, including school book publishers.

Since many interested parties do not care too much about carrying out test proofreading, we are now introducing a new service that is in our interest - it saves us a lot of time so that we can work more economically - but also in the interest of a large number by clients: proofreading finalized.

What does proofreading finalized mean?

Proofreading finalized is full editing at a fixed price. The price for proofreading finalized is independent of the specific text in question and is located directly in the vicinity of our base price for proofreading. For many customers this means a price reduction.

In the case of finalized proofreading, in the interests of speeding up the process, we refrain from creating a proofreading.

If you commission a finalized proofreading, you expressly agree that we can start executing the order immediately, but your legally guaranteed right of withdrawal remains intact. The most important advantage for both sides is the shortening of the process from establishing contact to processing the order. You will therefore get to a corrected text more quickly and in many cases you can even save yourself having to place an urgent order.

The contract is concluded as soon as we have confirmed your order.

Your advantages

  • full editing
  • Fixed price, mostly cheaper than hiring a regular editing department
  • faster processing of your order
  • often makes placing a rush order unnecessary


We guarantee a fixed price. This applies to text with a certain minimum level. We will not finalize very bad texts as part of a proofreading process. We will inform you of our decision as soon as possible after placing your order.

There is no right to have a proofreading finalized as long as it has not been confirmed by us. In particular, we will not process texts that also fall short of the lowest minimum level (see above). If it turns out only after we have started our proofreading work that a text is not suitable for finalized proofreading, we will cancel the order and negotiate with you. If no agreement is reached, the correction made up to that point will be billed at the price of finalized proofreading, and any entitlement to further correction of the remaining text will expire.

If we have previously carried out a proofreading, even in the past, there is no possibility for you to have a finalized proofreading carried out. Your decision is a final one!


We carry out finalized proofreading in all of the languages ​​we offer: German, English, French and Spanish.

Maximum length of your text

The length of a text that we process with the finalized proofreading service must not exceed 70 standard pages, as we do not pass the full costs on to you with this service and the service is only possible within the scope of a mixed calculation, i.e. from our other services offered will be carried. Very long texts such as diploma theses and dissertations are unfortunately practically excluded from the service, but shorter bachelor theses and master theses should generally remain below the specified limit.