What does A E.

What does "a + e" or "a + a" mean on the cost estimate for a car repair?

My girlfriend had a little accident last week while pulling out of a parking space. She was almost out of the gap when it crashed. Her license plate is slightly dented, the paint on the bumper is slightly off. According to her, you didn't really see anything on the other car.

In any case, the cops were called who (very strange, I think) drove up in a matt black Benz with a completely dented fender. The gentlemen did not take any photos, and there was also no copy of an accident report. It was also funny that the report was filled out exclusively by the "injured party". My friend was only told that it was her fault and then something was held under her nose to sign - which she did in her excitement without reading it. The only thing that was there was a small yellow piece of paper, where the name and place etc were on it, plus a stamp from the district ... I don't know exactly whether there is a case number or file number on it.

Today came the KV - 2000 euros ... and strangely enough, the workshop is called the same as the damaged party! Then there are items like "bumper installation / removal 40 €", "replace bumper 50 €" and for material "bumper 275 €" ... How can it be replaced and renewed at the same time? The fender also had to be repaired and repainted and the headlight replaced. I don't even look through the paint listing! Everything seems very strange to me!

Your insurance man thinks she has bad cards because there are 3 against 1 (the other person has 2 witnesses) ... moreover, it has probably already been reported to the insurance company and nothing more can be done - his testimony! He did not comment on the subject of "sending your own expert", he just said that such an accident can happen and that you have to live with it now.

I mean, I already realize that the insurance company doesn't give a shit in the end defect, because they get their money back twice and three times over the upgrade ...

Does anyone have experience in such a case and could give some useful tips?

Thanks in advance