What does eucalyptus symbolize

Eucalyptus - absolutely trendy

Easy to care for and versatile - Eucalyptus is very robust and can easily do without water for several days, so it is ideal as a decoration or accessory.

Popular accessories

There are over 600 types of eucalyptus - it is also called the blue gum tree and has its origins in Australia and Indonesia. They are characteristic silvery shimmering leaves and the distinctive fragrance.

The eucalyptus is currently very much in vogue when it comes to the right accessories in floristry. He makes himself wonderful with cut flowers, but can also develop its full effect alone in the vase.

Colors and meanings

The flowers of the eucalyptus vary between white, yellow and red. Thanks to its rapid growth the eucalyptus symbolizes power and is thus intended to convey well-being and strength to the recipient.

The Aborigines worship the eucalyptus as a sacred tree. For them it represents the separation into the underworld, earth and heaven. One cleansing effect is ascribed to him on the spiritual level. The essential oils are very refreshing as well good for the respiratory system.

Bouquets with eucalyptus