What's good about Michigan?

The ruins bloom in Detroit

Fire is part of everyday life here

Great filmmakers have already discovered Detroit for themselves: Director Steve Faigenbaum realized his documentary "City of Dreams" here. The themes of the films also adapt to the eerie cityscape: the end of a civilization, that's what "Lost River" is about, the first directorial work by US actor Ryan Gosling. The film, shot in Detroit, tells the story of a man who survived in the chaos of fire in this city. Fire is part of everyday life here, around 10 houses are set on fire every night.




A city revolted for art

The announcement that the Detroit Institute of Arts would sell paintings to pay off creditors caused great outrage.



Hundreds of workers and youth gathered in downtown Detroit to protest against the sell-off plans - a sign that Detroit's citizens regard the art as part of their lives.

Now General Motors, Ford and Chrysler pledged $ 26 million to keep the art in Detroit.


The Detroit project also inspires many artists beyond the continent. For example in Bochum, which could become a German Detroit with the closure of the Opel plants. But that is exactly what the people there want to prevent. Flower and vegetable boxes in the community garden of the theater, everyone can join in Sundays, photo exhibitions - around 50 international and national artists from Spain, Poland, Great Britain, Germany and the USA have made the city a little more beautiful with the Bochum Detroit project Encourages citizens to participate.


It is rumored that Detroit is the new Berlin. The city inspires, attracts many tourists with its special spirit and also offers cheap living space for many artists who now settle here. Even if the city may never catch up with its former economic success - it has definitely become a bit more beautiful.