How did the people decipher the Sumerian tablets

The slave race of the gods

Shocking revelations about the origins of mankind

The archaeological discoveries of the last 50 years are changing our view of early human history. Over 500,000 excavated Sumerian clay tablets give us a fascinating and surprising insight into the origins of our civilization. While the mainstream scholars do not want to admit the revelations and simply banish the content of the documents to the realm of myths and fairy tales, unbiased thinkers have recognized and deciphered the explosive meaning of the tablets.

Michael Tellinger takes you on an adventure that will shake you deeply. He explains to you the most recent decipherments of the Sumerian clay tablets and brings them into an illuminating connection with the traditions of the Bible and the holy scriptures of other cultures. The pioneering publications by Zecharia Sitchin, who owns the largest collection of Sumerian clay tablets, are given due mention and astounding confirmation in the carefully researched book by Tellingers.

The Anunnaki, astronauts from the planet Nibiru, settled in southern Africa and created humans from parts of their own DNA. This created a race of slaves who had to work in the Anunnaki gold mines. In doing so, they controlled people's physical and mental abilities by deactivating large parts of the highly developed DNA - which explains that less than three percent of our DNA is active.

Tellinger identifies an undiscovered, extensive complex of ruins in South Africa, which includes thousands of mines, as the city of the Anunnaki, led by Enki. He shows the correspondences between the key mythologies of the world religions and the narratives of the Sumerian clay tablets, and he describes in detail the direct physical interactions with "God" depicted in the texts, including the great flood - a constant theme of the ancient myths - which the mining operations of the Anunnaki finished.

Tellinger opens our eyes to the true nature and history of man. The great puzzle of mankind is taking shape, and whoever opens up to this new truth will see much of what previously seemed incomprehensible in a new, clear light.

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