Train parents with children

How your kids stay fit at home: Sports exercises for children

Corona still makes life difficult for parents and children alike: sometimes schools and daycare centers are open. Sometimes everything, including the sports clubs, is closed. One thing is certain: During this time, the movement is far too short. But it doesn't have to stay that way! Regardless of whether you sometimes have the feeling that your child is a rubber ball or whether your sweetheart belongs to the couch potato category - we have collected great sports videos for kids of all ages that encourage participation. So put on your sports pants, hit the video and get powered up!

Sports exercises for elementary school students

For elementary school children, daycare children and high school students - ALBA Berlin will be showing new sports videos every day from Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 that will motivate children to participate in their own four walls. It's about exercise, fitness and interesting facts for all children and young people. This video is aimed at primary school children - and everyone who wants to take part.

Sports exercises with a story

In this video, Grecco Ampelini takes the children on an adventurous journey to the hidden temple of Huklapek - including a complete aerobics training session. Absolutely child-friendly, fun and in a good mood.

Football exercises for the home

Sports fields are closed and football training is canceled. A real disaster for many little soccer players. This video shows a few exercises that the little ones can do well with the ball at home.

Sports exercises for children from 5 years

This sports video shows targeted full-body training for children and adults and invites you to join in in the living room.

Yoga exercises for elementary school students

Especially nowadays, not only us adults, but also children can benefit from an extra portion of rest. These yoga poses contain a little story against the excitement.

Sports exercises for parents with children of all ages

Sure, ALDI is first of all known for something else. But this video is great for children and parents who want to do sports together at home. Whether with a baby, small child or school child - these exercises are suitable for all ages.

Ballet exercises for little dancers

Little dancers get their money's worth in this video. In addition to beautiful music, you can easily imitate the exercises from the living room.

Street dance for children

If you don't feel like ballet, you might want to watch this street dance video for your own four walls.

Sports exercises for elementary school students

Taking a break between school work is good for the children. Especially when it is filled with exercise. There are five quick fitness exercises for kids here.

Home workout for teenagers

Of course, the young people shouldn't be neglected either. This effective 20 minute home workout trains your stomach, legs and bottom - and puts you in a good mood.

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