What is Walmart's Absence Policy

Can you fire me for illness?

As someone who has actually worked at Walmart in the past (5 ~ years while I was in high school and college) I can confidently say that this is absolutely part of Walmart's way of doing things.

Their policy of absence is quite strict. It varies slightly from state to state, but I believe the guidelines in my business back then were 6 days in 6 months and that was a hard cap. At 4 you would receive warnings, at 6 you would usually be laid off within a few days of returning to work.

However, as I understand it, different businesses enforce this limit differently. Sometimes the hardest working employees were often given a little leeway, and when it was their first offense.

I don't want to make everything sound doom and gloom, but unless this is the first time you have extended time off, you could get into trouble here. Regardless, don't put too much emphasis on what your coworker says - they probably don't know any more than you do.

If you get nervous and want to talk to someone about the guidelines, you can always call and talk to your direct manager (talk to your associate manager; if he can't answer, talk to your co-manager).


Sad to say, but "Walmart" is a very relevant factor in this situation.