Who will win between Zetsu and Itachi


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Shisui Uchiha wrote:
Itachi not hyped, wat? Together with Minato, the guy was the worst in the whole manga, inflated not only by the fans but also by Kishi himself (just remember how Kabuto went crazy to praise Itachi's genius).

Yes, of course, he was considered by many to be the greatest genius of his generation, but that was also corrected. He was just incredibly good for his young age. The same was said about the young Kakashi too.
But I don't know when Kishimoto Itachi wrote a jutsu that was considered overpowering and would have made him invincible. I just compare him to characters like Obito, Madara, Naruto and Sasuke. He was always considered a genius, but never, not even in his final final fight, put down things like the aforementioned shinobi in the war. In my eyes he even seemed down-to-earth at times, which was probably one of his quiet ways. Even Kakashi was hyped at the end.
I find that Itachi never seemed invincible and therefore I don't quite understand why even Kisame saw him as a kind of mentor.


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