Why do people look for faith

"People are looking for God"

Lecture by Paul Josef Cardinal Cordes at the Universitätsgesellschaft Münster e.V.

“What about religion in 2015, what about God?” That was one of the central questions asked by Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes in his lecture yesterday at the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Münster. More than 300 listeners followed his speech “We leave heaven to the angels and the sparrows” at the fully booked event of the Universitätsgesellschaft Münster e.V. in which he spoke about the fundamental importance of faith and religion in today's society. In it he demanded that even in an age without religion, religious worldviews must be respected. “Many people are still touched by the forces of religions in the present. Nowadays, however, spiritual experiences are no longer made individually, but increasingly in groups, ”explained Cardinal Cordes. As an example, he cited the Catholic World Youth Days, which he played a key role in shaping for the laity in his function as Vice-President of the Pontifical Council.

“God is dead.” With this exclamation from Friedrich Nietzsche, Cardinal Cordes introduced his lecture. This message from Nietzsche and Heinrich Heine's request to build the kingdom of heaven on earth have become common property in today's society. "Faith in God the Creator, eternal life or redemption from sin are no longer of interest," stated Cardinal Cordes at the beginning of his lecture.

He shares the observation with the philosopher Charles Taylor that the number of seekers has increased dramatically. “There are so many contemporaries who break because of their loneliness.” This is where the church is asked to reach these people. With a view to conveying God's love for people, Cardinal Cordes warned: "The more credible the witnesses are, the more successful a departure will be." God's closeness to people became visible.

God does not want to hide, but rather let every single person share in his love. The finding that only a small proportion of believers believe in a God the Father in Heaven must be an incentive for all consecrated and laypeople to bring God in the person of Jesus Christ back to people as a brother. The guest from Rome closed his lecture with a promising quote from Julius Cardinal Döpfner: "God is and he is for me, he is there for us."

The subsequent conversation between Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes and Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Sternberg offered the opportunity to discuss some aspects of the lecture. Prof. Dr. Dr. Sternberg referred to Pope Francis, who wanted a missionary and serving church. For this to happen, Cardinal Cordes said, Christians would have to talk more about their faith. The joy of faith must be contagious. He cited the many new movements devoted to the new evangelization as a successful example.

Dr. Paul-Josef Patt, the chairman of the board of the Universitätsgesellschaft Münster eV, summarized his impression of the cardinal's lecture as follows: “The cardinal's testimony of faith and his endeavor to open us to God's love touches and offers about tonight In addition, there is reason to think about it. ”The University Society of Münster would now like to attract prominent personalities with a connection to the Westphalian Wilhelms University for lectures every two years. In addition to promoting a variety of projects at the WWU Münster, it is the task of the university society, civil society, university and institutions from business and administration to network. Awards ceremonies, visits to institutes and lectures are intended to promote the exchange between the various actors. He is curious, says Dr. Stalemate who can be won for the event in two years. The kick-off event set high standards.