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Reddit not working

  • Bennjack (@TheBennjack) reports

    @BattleZooTV @LiaWarcraft The problem here is, even if you tried to keep secret on Twitch, that you are also doing adult content: a Google search for the name will probably be enough. Even if you use a different name, there will be a reddit post with "hey, by the way"

  • Anarchozionist / data proletarian (@peatlicker) reports

    Tech support on Reddit be like: I am writing a bug report for pages, with all the specifications, the circumstances under which the bug occurs and what I have tried so far to solve the problem. The first three answers, analogously: "Are you stupid, that's not the reason!"

  • H € nny (@H_E_N_N_Y) reports

    @MC_Boomin Bro I made a mistake it was a similar platform to Reddit but not originally Reddit. But it went viral

  • soy boy bitch tits (@soy_tits) reported

    On reddit, sons of dogs are once again making Holocaust "jokes" ala "dark humor" ..... it is really time to beat up a few of them as a copy

  • β™‘ Toxic E-Girl Je $$ i β™‘ (Jonas love acc) (@jessixmcn) reports

    @ikubi_ maybe vanguard has not been updated with you idk so I have a mega problem for 2 days and others on reddit / twt too and Riot said they are aware of the problem

  • NameCannotBeBlank (@WilliTheViking) reported

    @ubermarkus @anondiver @Nitek I'm reasonably satisfied with the stability of TCom but are just dependent on the expansion status (63 / 100mbps down) In addition, there are phases where image / video data from individual content networks (e.g. the Reddit server) is very hesitant the line come, I suspect because of peering

  • Mr.Generation (@Mr_Generation) reports

    @paviro_ @herzkerl I was too stingy for the GBit (the root server should then be able to 10G) - but the 500Mbit is nice. Pings and stability are flawless #nixreconnect. But: Telekom routes stop, i.e. e.g. Reddit and YouTube connections CAN be very shitty at times.

  • RealJohni (@real_johni) reports

    you want to make easy money during a relationship? step 1: you should 🦢 take pictures with white nail polish step 2: download discord, reddit and click on specific servers step 3: wait and link to paypal

  • Beak fruit. Unworthy depicted. (@Schnabelobst) reported

    @GildaSahebi The combination of .. ... 20 years of anti-Semitism on youtube, facebook and reddit ... ... and Netanyahu, who stifles any constructive and honest criticism of him and his henchmen with "This is anti-Semitism" ... ... has made the subject of Israel indisputable :-(

  • GS_H.Schnitzel πŸ‘Ύ # ReturnHomePS5 (@ x_xgamer14) reported

    @ultimate_presi Many have the problem. I have to try a try that is shared on Reddit with create a new email with + psn in it and switch. That should work, but I don't really feel like it

  • Herbert (@ Herbert2316) reports

    @genervtt Reddit is like the primordial source of the internet. A bunch of nerds who talk fair and weird on all kinds of topics. Codetermination is a top priority at Reddit.

  • Anarchronism 🏴 (@anarcrownism) reported

    Anti-Semitism is fucking me up. Back then on reddit I tried to slowly get leftists to take a more critical look at the Middle East by criticizing ideology. But twitter is more personal, faster. I don't want to interact with staunch anti-Semites because they are protected by others.

  • Wastemack (@Wasemack) reported

    @MicrosoftHilft Is announced in several ms support requests on reddit and other sites but has not given an answer or a fix since 2017, and recently this also leads to crashes with apps freezing

  • the lazy squirrel (@squirrelgraphy) reported

    @Berricherry unfortunately had problems with it for months, especially with Reddit, but also occasionally with all Google products (YT, Playstore etc.). Because of that (and because of the price) I switched to O2 and haven't had any problems since then.

  • 🌸 Cherry 🌸 (@Berricherry) reports

    Dear IT people, can anyone help? Websites that otherwise load normally load extremely slowly or not at all, while other pages load normally. Example: YT & Etsy works without any problems, Reddit hardly loads and doesn't play videos, Twitter hardly loads either. For two days now.

  • Gina BromΓ‘ | Photos & texts (@GinaBroma) reported

    @Para_Charlie @Mofatempler I'm on Reddit a lot now. You look for topics that interest you and ignore everything else.

  • NotFaai (@NotFaai) reported

    @HeyStani There was someone on Reddit πŸ‘€ But you can apply that to almost anything ... Weapon too strong ... Weapon too weak ... Gun is just 4 fun in it ... Cars are too fast ... Cars are too slow ... ... ... Unfortunately, the community just keeps getting worse and worse: /

  • Jamie (@Jamie__lul) reports

    @SupremeSchaf It's a shame that the memes on Reddit are slowly fading into the background :(

  • BluePaint (@LauterMemes) reports

    @SupremeSchaf Reddit has become the second PHub, you can't really chill out there and the same thing is slowly developing with Twitter

  • Kay J. Urban πŸ”΄ (@RodMcKay) reports

    Soon my tenth anniversary on @reddit I didn't think there would ever be a (social) website that I have been using for a decade. Still one of the absolute best. Believe the internet is slowly consolidating.

  • RokuBoi (@Rokuagames) reported

    Do you want to check out nice memes on Reddit before going to sleep and every 2nd post is r / apexlegends, all of whom post the same thing, because somehow no one looks in to see if anyone else has the problem. Sometimes people are too stupid.

  • Klimax (@wadjemsewo) reports

    @ t3n Never ... just delete FB and Insta and install Twitter + Reddit. problem solved

  • Friedrich Meichsner (@FriedrichMeichs) reports

    Btw, in case anyone is wondering why the Insta name is censored: The site actually only copies memes from Reddit, which is not a problem either, but I personally don't feel that way now to accept such credits

  • i love shoe racks❀️ (@thebeebazz) reported

    @kyoujuroppai But Reddit is also so memes and idk server or as you call it yk so not exactly like good question πŸ‘πŸ‘ but I guess ur right that is already similar

  • (g) runge (@turbospiral) reported

    I can really do Insta, Reddit, Twitter, Spiegel 24/7 no problem.

  • m4xfps (@ m4xfps) reported

    does anyone check reddit's live stream feature? so what's the point? random streams between the normal posts are always suggested to me where you can then e.g. sees pets while sleeping. it only uses 30% of the page width and otherwise looks broken irgend

  • Veelo Sleeperino (@Veelotrax) reports

    Dear #reddit, if I look at a topic more often, I might want to be informed about new posts, but only getting posts from the associated circlejerk from the subs is a bit annoying ... #circlejerk

  • EverydayisWednesday (@ EverydayisWedn3) reports

    @Dieter_Grind @uuuomo THAT is a big problem indeed. That is why so many unemployed, perverted creeps have established themselves in all possible moderator positions of market-leading online platforms (especially Reddit), where their decisions include freedom of expression and even

  • ✷ πŸŽ€ 𝒹𝒾𝒹𝒹𝒾 πŸŽ€ ✷ (@ flero030) reported

    @rSoftwareGore steal? reddit is not your problem

  • Lonliiii 🜏 (@Larsihasiiiii) reported

    Everyone is upset that Goodle reads everything. But Reddit ... That's another level of Creepy when the Suggested Posts are current topics like "Gamedev" even though you never looked for them on reddit O.o