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So that we can determine a fair price for your used car, we first need some information about your vehicle. Just enter the brand, model name and the date of first registration. We will do the rest for you. In under two minutes you will receive your individual vehicle evaluation.

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Selling a used car often poses several problems for vehicle owners: Selling a car is a lot of work. It is important to place an advertisement with a detailed description of the vehicle and pictures, and then to make phone calls with potential buyers. Find out on PKW.de with the help of practical checklists how you can profitably sell your used car to men or women. Our free price check provides realistic data for optimal pricing.

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The greatest difficulty in selling a car is realistically assessing the value of your own used car. Most car owners don't know exactly what their used car is worth. But if you want to sell your car, you should definitely be informed about the value of the car! The price of a used car depends on several factors: a high mileage can depress the price, some equipment variants sell better than others and of course the year the car was first registered also plays a role.

With this data, the PKW.de vehicle analysis creates a vehicle profile and compares your car with offers from all over Germany. Our highly complex algorithm evaluates over 100 different equipment features for each vehicle. The advantage: You immediately receive a realistic sales price for your car and thus create a good basis for getting a fair offer from the dealer. This is how you sell your car at the best price. But: The longer the evaluation takes, the lower the proceeds from the sale, because the car is constantly losing value.

Fair prices thanks to current market valuation

We offer sellers the ideal platform to get rid of their used vehicles quickly and easily. Our guide gives you useful tools to successfully offer your car and quickly find the right buyer. Because: time is money! The earlier you carry out the vehicle valuation, the higher the potential revenue. Thanks to the fast, up-to-date vehicle valuation, pricing becomes child's play!