Who is powerful Orochimaru or Aizen


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Ok, I'll write now and assume that both of them have their swords.

At a distance, both are about equally strong:
While Orochimaru can fight snakes very effectively, Danzo has all of his vacuum jutsu.
If we assume that Orochimaru has not prepared Edo Tensei, the close combat is now rated:
Both can fight well with their swords and Orochimaru can surprise with its snake shape. But Danzo still has his Fuin, so that Orochimaru can no longer move - even Sasuke found it difficult to escape the Fuin and it took a while - if Danzo had not been in genjutsu, he would have killed Sasuke. But there are also special features:
Kuchyiose no Jutsu: That's difficult. The Baku is unlikely to face Orochimaru's Shodai Manda on its own. With the vacuum bullets from Danzo and the suction from Baku, Danzo could easily manage to knock Manda into the K.O. to be promoted - the only question is whether there will be time for it once Madara is on the field. (whereby Manda attacks Baku if it is smart, since Danzo has Izanagi)
Yamata no Jutsu: That will be the greatest difficulty. It could do a lot of damage and Danzo only has two defenses:
-he lets the Hokage's DNA process his arm into a giant tree, which means that under certain circumstances (from left to right) he can push Yamata no Orochi back nicely and buy time- for that he is crippled.
-he uses Izanagi to change reality.

Depending on how strong the mokuton is in Danzo and if Izanagi "can grow arms back", Danzo could create sequoias that even Yamata no Orochi cannot fight against, despite the size and strength (even a rather small mokuton tree could Danzo in front of Susanoo's arrow protect )
Danzo can use Izanagi a total of 10 times (i.e. 10 minutes) and Kotoamatsukami once, whereby the last eye can be sacrificed for Izanagi if necessary.
The nasty thing about it is that Danzo can trigger Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu in an emergency and Orochimaru has no known teleportation jutsu to escape from it like Tobi ...