Are Fortnite macros allowed

The streamer Tfue is currently dominating with its Fortnite streams on Twitch. But he is criticized for gambling illegal game aids and thus cheating.

  • Streamer * Tfue is said to be cheating on Fortnite *.
  • E-sports colleague accuses Twitch star of reckless cheater.
  • Tfue is said to use macros to cheat in Battle Royale *.

North Carolina, USA – Turner "Tfue" Tenney, one of the biggest Fortnite streamer on Twitch * has now been accused of cheating. The World Cup participant is said to be using macros that Epic Games at Fortnite not allowed. Now it has to be clarified what is true of the tough allegations.

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Fortnite: Cheating allegations against Twitch streamer Tfue

While many players are waiting for Season 3 at Fortnite, for which there are already some leaks *, reported on by, a violent accusation is spreading in the professional scene. Turner "Tfue" Tenney is not just a successful oneFortnite player, which also took part in the World Cup, but also a great role model for many players from Fortnite out there wanting a career as a professional or player Streamer want to work out. Daily draws Tfue more than ten thousand fans, which the Streamer at Twitch watch whileTfue Participates in professional Fortnite tournaments. Now, however, its role model function could be dampened a little. Tfue became of the NRG Esports member Zayt as cheater at Fortnite (All information about Fortnite).

The NRG star has claimed that Tfue in Fortnite cheats and uses macros to gain an advantage over opponents against FNCS rules. FNCS are the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational, a competition for the world's best players.
Claimed in a now-deleted June 8 tweet Zaytthat he will "expose all professionals who use double-motion macros". These bindings allow keyboard and mouse players to move around like on a controller, sprinting in one direction while looking the other. This can be a huge advantage, especially in professional games, as you can not only dodge the approaching storm, but also allow you to watch exactly what your opponents are doing without having to change direction.

In the pro scene, however, this is completely forbidden as the use of macros is against the FNCS rules. Zayt attacked in a tweet, which he has since deleted, that he "unmask all professionals, to harsh accusations against a colleague. He has evidence that StreamrTfue Uses macros and would make them public soon.

Fortnite: Epic Games sees macros as cheating - Tfue remains silent

Zayt not only had before Tfue but also five other professional players. Has made these allegations Zayt but now withdrawn. In a statement opposite Fortnite He told Intel that "there is currently no evidence that anyone is [cheating] except Tfue."

Epic Games himself is relatively strict when using macro keys and even cites this as a reason for fraud. Such is the use of macro keys in the FNCS rulebook of Epic Games out North Carolina clearly forbidden. The rules state, as an example of unfair behavior, "The use of macro keys or similar methods to automate actions in the game."

Tfue himself has become the utterances of Zayt not yet reported. He has been accused of fraud on a number of occasions in the past, but all of these allegations have now been rolled back. At Zayt it's not the first time he's talking about others Fortnite player scolds. Already before that Zayt over different Fortnite player complained of violating FNCS rules in professional games. For example, the player was able to observe some professionals "teaming" or even players who have accepted "gifts" from others.

Reminder that controller still is busted and requires no skill

- Zayt (@zayt) June 11, 2020

As long as there are no official test results from Epic Games have been announced, the allegations initially remain open. Even if macros are used in Fortnite are not allowed, there is another cool trick at Fortnite. shows how to build flying bombs at Fortnite *. Epic Games has now removed all police cars from the game at Fortnite *. Fortnite has now leaked a map that contains almost no water *. Fans are now hoping for a feature at Fortnite, which actually comes from Call of Duty Warzone *. Now there will soon be a concert and a full movie * in the Party Royal mode at Fortnite.

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