When did the popularity of color begin?

The timeless Le Corbusier colors for contemporary architecture

The colors in Maison Citrohan - moods and impressions are conveyed

In fact, the main colors in Maison Citrohan2 are blue, red / pink and gray, the brightness of which was examined by Le Corbusier. These three colors could not only define the space and classify the architectural space and objects, but they could also express emotions. According to Le Corbusier, colors could convey moods and different impressions. And that's really true.

Blue - with all its shades and highlights - creates space, it expands the boundaries. Blue could create distance between the walls, up to the point of being perceptible. Indeed, blue could rob objects of their strength. At the same time, it gives us a feeling of calm and peace. On the contrary, like all colors of the heart and their shades, red stands for strength and sensuality, and in architecture it highlights objects and structures. Red could give us the exact position of objects in space.

The last of the three colors used is gray, that is the color of shadows and indifference. So it could be used in architecture to hide objects and anything that is not important. Gray also gives us a feeling of velvet and calm.

These three colors were mainly used by Le Corbusier because they were in perfect harmony with his soul. Blue in contrast to red and gray to match. We could find them and their related hues on the keyboard from 1931, in which Le Corbusier organized his colors with low saturation and low brightness. This keyboard was mainly used for interior design projects. And she's the one I prefer for the palette of hues, especially its cerulean and ultramarine blues.