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§ 25

(1) 1Parties are entitled to accept donations. 2A donation can be made in cash up to an amount of 1000 euros. 3 Party members who are recipients of donations to the party must immediately forward them to a member of the board of directors appointed by the party for financial matters in accordance with the statutes. 4Donations are obtained from a party if they are within the control of a member of the board of directors responsible for financial matters or a full-time employee of the party; Donations returned to the donor immediately after receipt are deemed not to have been obtained by the party.

(2) The parties are not entitled to accept donations:

1. Donations from public corporations, parliamentary groups and groups as well as parliamentary groups and groups of municipal representatives;
2. Donations from political foundations, corporations, associations of persons and estates, which according to the statutes, the foundation business or other constitution and according to the actual management exclusively and directly serve charitable, charitable or church purposes (§§ 51 to 68 of the tax code);
3. Donations from outside the scope of this Act, unless
a) These donations from the assets of a German within the meaning of the Basic Law, a citizen of the European Union or a business enterprise, more than 50 percent of which are owned by Germans within the meaning of the Basic Law or a citizen of the European Union or whose headquarters are in one Is a member state of the European Union, flows directly to a party,
b) it concerns donations to parties of national minorities in their ancestral homeland, which are directed to them from states bordering the Federal Republic of Germany and in which members of their nationality live or
c) it is a donation from a foreigner of no more than 1,000 euros;
4. Donations from professional associations that were sent to them with the proviso that they would be forwarded to a political party;
5. Donations from companies that are wholly or partially owned or managed or operated by the public sector, provided that the direct participation of the public sector exceeds 25 percent;
6. Donations, insofar as they amount to more than 500 euros in individual cases and whose donors cannot be identified, or which are recognizable as the forwarding of a donation from an undisclosed third party;
7. Donations that are recognizably granted to the party in anticipation of or in return for a specific economic or political advantage;
8. Donations that are raised from a third party for a fee to be paid by the party that exceeds 25 percent of the value of the raised donation.

(3) 1Donations, membership fees and mandate holder contributions to a party or one or more of its regional associations, the total value of which exceeds EUR 10,000 in a calendar year (accounting year), must be recorded in the statement of accounts, stating the name and address of the donor and the total amount of the donation . 2Donations which in individual cases exceed the amount of 50,000 euros must be reported to the President of the German Bundestag immediately. 3This publishes the donation promptly as a Bundestag printed matter, stating the donor.

(4) Donations that are not permitted under Paragraph 2 must be forwarded by the party to the President of the German Bundestag immediately, at the latest when the annual report for the year in question is submitted (Section 19a Paragraph 3).

Version based on the Tenth Act to amend the Political Parties Act of December 22, 2015 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 2563), which came into force on January 1, 2016, explanatory memorandum available