Do you know the time in your sleep

7 important questions about baby sleep

5. Should my baby have fixed bedtime?

Your sweetheart will be born with its own "program". Newborns sleep around 2-4 hours and are then awake for up to an hour before going back to sleep. This pattern is initially repeated throughout the day. Sometimes it is different from day to day. This is also necessary, because the small body and the head still need a lot of recovery phases, but also regularly need food.

It is impossible, and even harmful, to try to force a newborn to sleep in a fixed manner.

Instead, pay attention to signs of tiredness so that your sweetheart can get enough sleep and does not start to cry from being exhausted.

6. When will my baby sleep longer?

With about 6-8 weeks Many babies sleep less during the day and a little longer at night. Nonetheless, most people wake up late at night to eat.

7. What is the best way to deal with sleepless nights?

try to sleep when your baby is sleeping Turn off your phone and leave the housework behind - now is not the time for perfectionism. Now is the perfect time to accept any help you can get. Share the "night shifts" with your partner, if it is professionally possible. Sleeping alone for a night can also work wonders if the living conditions make it possible.