What makes a kitchen a great kitchen

Setting up the kitchen: helpful tips

Larder cabinets

There are many different models of storage cabinets. From tall cupboards with shelves to apothecary cupboards, there is something for every taste. Here you can find out all the advantages of the different models!

Kitchen showcase: Fine porcelain perfectly staged

The kitchen cabinet is the perfect piece of furniture to properly showcase valuable designer pieces or fine wine glasses. Here we will show you which different variants are available and which kitchen style the kitchen showcases are best suited to!

Kitchen history

The "Frankfurt Kitchen" was developed in 1926 and is considered the prototype of all fitted kitchens. Nowadays, modern kitchens offer pure luxury. Here we show you how the fitted kitchen has changed over time.

More storage space in the kitchen: this is how you get the most out of your kitchen

In many kitchens, the storage space is not used optimally and not all kitchen utensils or food can be safely stowed away. PLANA has therefore put together a few helpful tips for you on how you can use every inch of your kitchen effectively. Read more about it here!

Eat-in kitchen: 5 interesting tips for the open kitchen

With an open kitchen you have an optimal view of your children playing or your guests in the living room while you are cooking. PLANA K├╝chenland has put together 5 helpful tips for you on how you can create a communicative atmosphere in your new eat-in kitchen.

10 tips on what to look out for when buying a kitchen

When planning and installing a new kitchen, there are many things to consider so that you can enjoy your new kitchen for a long time. For this reason, PLANA has put together 10 helpful tips for buying a kitchen for you.

Parental control in the kitchen: How to make the kitchen safe

Small children are very curious and enjoy exploring the entire apartment. So that your kitchen does not become a danger to your little explorers, we show you helpful tips on how to make your kitchen safe for children.

Homely kitchen furniture

The kitchen is a very special room in the apartment and should therefore also be furnished in a homely manner. This is why kitchen furniture is being used more and more frequently when planning the kitchen. From sideboards to kitchen wall units and base units to kitchen shelves - all of this can be used. Here, PLANA shows you the latest trends in kitchen furniture.

Green Kitchen: Saving with energy-efficient kitchen appliances

Green Kitchen is characterized by a healthy energy balance that will please not only you, but also your wallet. Replacing outdated household appliances with modern models not only offers convenience, but also saves money and protects our environment!

Kitchen lighting: how to put your kitchen in the right light

The kitchen not only bakes and cooks, but also eats and celebrates. It is all the more important to choose the right kitchen lighting for each area. You need different light in the work area where snipping takes place than in the dining area. In addition, the kitchen lighting is a decisive factor for the atmosphere. Here you can find out what you should consider when choosing the right kitchen lights.

Kitchen pictures: the perfect decorative element

Would you like to give your kitchen a special touch? Then a kitchen picture is just right for you. Because it offers a wide range of options for designing what is usually the most important room in your own home in an appealing way. The nice thing about it: You have a huge selection in terms of motif and material. Discover here how you can add personality to your kitchen through pictures.

Kitchen cabinets: You can use these variants in your kitchen

Are you planning a new kitchen or would you like to equip your current kitchen with new kitchen cabinets? Then think carefully about which kitchen cabinet you place where. This ensures that you have enough storage space at the end. We present the most important kitchen cabinet variants and their purpose here.