How can I become a pharmacist?

Become a pharmacist

What does a pharmacist do?

As a pharmacist you are the Specialist in medicine and medicine. Your field of work as a pharmacist includes, for example, the manufacture of new drugs, research into their different modes of action or the dispensing of drugs. In general, there are various large areas of work for you as a pharmacist, which differ in their everyday work. For example, you can use a pharmacy work, advise people on medicinal products and also ensure their safe use and quality - then your job title is pharmacist. To do this, however, you must also approve. Another big and important area in which you can work as a pharmacist is Pharmaceutical industry or the Pharmaceutical research.

If you work as a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry, there are again different fields of work. This includes, for example, research into (new) active pharmaceutical ingredients or preparations, the manufacture of medicinal products and their quality assurance and optimization, or the management and sale of medicines. In addition, as a pharmacist you can also work in the public sector, for example with the approval of pharmaceuticals. You generally work a lot chemical and biochemical analysis, do research and work in the laboratory or in the office in general.

How do I become a pharmacist?

To work as a pharmacist, you need a degree in pharmacy. This degree is offered at many universities in Bachelor-, Master- or doctoral programs. In the course of study in pharmacy, you will first receive a basic and later an in-depth theoretical and technical training. At the same time, you will also learn the practical and methodological skills that you need for your work, mainly in the laboratory. In the course of your professional career, you will continue to train yourself in order to always be informed about innovations and innovations in pharmaceutical research.


  • Great interest in science
  • Enthusiasm for research
  • Sense of responsibility
  • accuracy
  • Analytical mindset
  • customer focus

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