How is your country's fast food

History of fast food

Where and when the history of fast food began cannot be clearly stated. It also depends on the definition of fast food. If you translate "fast food" it means something like "fast food". But usually the term is primarily used to refer to the modern marketing of "fast food" by companies like McDonalds. And this company was probably primarily responsible for the success of the fast food.


Probably no other company has understood so well how to generate so much capital from "fast food". This was achieved, for example, through various marketing strategies such as special offers, regular new items in the menu and a family-friendly atmosphere. But the most important factor in fast food remains fast food (which is usually eaten with fingers) because fast food restaurants and snack bars of various kinds such as kebab stands or hot dog stands with less sophisticated marketing strategies are an integral part of our culture and make sufficient ones Sales, although they usually couldn't hold a candle to any McDonalds branch across the street. The consumption of fast food is widespread - especially among young people. But what do we actually feed on? How healthy is fast food?

Fast food is generally said to be unhealthy. And if you take a simple hamburger as a typical example of fast food, 273 Kcal and a fat content of 31% are quite considerable, since the hamburger is usually just a snack. The fat percentage in a hot dog is even more drastic at 60%. And too much fat is known to be unhealthy and fat is arguably one of the main ingredients in most fast food meals. In addition, some products with a high sugar content such as lemonades, cola, donuts or ice cream are offered. The accusation that fast food is unhealthy is not entirely unjustified. But it doesn't have to be unhealthy. Because it has become established that fast food also offers an alternative program to all the fatty dishes. The choice among these alternatives may not be very large, but they do exist. For example, salads, vegetable burgers and juices are available in the fast food sector.

But another factor that can make fast food unhealthy is the fact that the term "fast food" is often taken too much to heart and the food is downright devoured. If, on the other hand, you take more time for a hamburger or french fries, it increases the enjoyment, promotes satiety and is also better for digestion. However, many seem not to be aware of the fact that fast food can also be healthy, or they may consciously choose the unhealthy side of fast food. Incidentally, a survey produced quite astonishing results:


 50 people were each asked 13 general questions about fast food. It came out that 31 respondents consider fast food too expensive, 35 of the respondents are aware that fast food is mostly unhealthy and high in calories and 37 do not believe that the big fast food chains are hygienic. When asked what one would associate with fast food, most responded to "fatty foods". So more people associate fast food with the keyword "fat" than with the keyword "fast", although that's where the name came from. The fast food did not live up to its name in the truest sense of the word. Nevertheless, 33 and 28 of those surveyed said that they had been consuming fast food for a long time and more often. So people see a lot of negative sides to fast food and yet they are always driven to corresponding restaurants. So when it comes to fast food, people are obviously interested in other things than healthy eating or financial awareness. Rather, enjoyment and the - supposed (?) - quality of life are apparently in the foreground when it comes to fast food.

 Health effects of fast food meals

It has long been known that fast food is unhealthy for humans. The following reasons speak for this:



The fast food products are often very high in fat. Especially fried foods and fried foods, such as

French fries


Chicken nuggets etc.

contain a lot of fat. In small amounts, fats and oils are not at all unhealthy, but you always have to be careful not to overdo it. You should consume 70-80 grams of fat per day. A McDonalds Big Mac contains around 26 grams of fat, which is around a third of the optimal value. But sauces made from mayonnaise are also very high in calories.


With frequent consumption of fast food, the variety is lost, which is very important in the diet in order to be adequately supplied with all nutrients. With fast food you eat too one-sidedly, which can lead to deficiency symptoms, especially in the supply of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

These dietary fibers are important for digestion and satiety. If they are missing, digestion is not stimulated enough. Fast food is also mostly eaten in record time (that's why it's called fast food). The feeling of satiety subsides after a few hours and the body demands more food.

typical McDonalds junkie

  But you can also eat healthily at Mc Donalds if you don't necessarily have to consume the most fatty products.   Here are some examples:

1 garden salad

1 cheeseburg

1 small portion of french fries

1 Coca Cola (0.3 l)


1 mixed salad

1 Big Mac

1 serving of Chicken McNuggets

1 orange juice (0.3 l)


1 chef's salad

1 hamburger

1 small portion of french fries

1 milk shake (0.3 l)

It's just important not to overdo it with fast food.   Compared to Poland  The fast food business is now spread all over the world. McDonalds is one of the most famous fast food chains. You actually think that McDonalds are the same in every country, but we did a little comparison with Poland and noticed differences, even if they are only small.

Polish McDonalds receipt

There is better service in Poland! For example, you get a receipt

You get ketchup for free with the fries.

The bun shapes of the burgers are different than ours

Poland has had citizens or similar in its range for a long time, which we will probably still get in Germany.


Pizza bag

So you can see at a glance that Poland has better service and more choice than Germany, although Poland is not yet at the same economic level as Germany.


  Questionnaire and evaluation on the subject of fast food
askYesNoSometimesNo idea
1. Could you live without fast food?3317------
2. Does fast food mean a lot to you?3614------
3. Do you think fast food is too expensive?31118---
4. Do you eat fast food more often?2813---3
5. Do you know how harmful and high in calories fast food is?
6. Would you like to work in a fast food place?545------
7. Do you think the big fast food chains are hygienic?927---14
8. Have you been eating fast food for a long time?335---12
9. Do you avoid fast food because of BSE?14252
10. Do you prefer to eat fast food?644------
11. Are you satisfied with the food and drink options in fast food restaurants?348---8
12.McDonald's or Burger King, who is better? (Price-performance ratio, taste ...)MC Donalds BurgerKingNo idea
15 2015
13. What do you associate with fast food?1. fatty foods (16) 2. America (10) meal (9)4. delicious food (2)
Of 50 pupils surveyed between the ages of 14-18, 25 were male and 25 were female. The focus of the questionnaire was on MC Donalds and Burger King, so the evaluation has nothing to do with other fast food dishes or chains. The questions were answered very differently, which is very interesting as these fast food chains will compete more and more.