What is Robby Krieger famous for?

Musikexpress: Even 45 years after their end, The Doors are among the most important bands in rock history. Would you ever have thought that?

Robby Krieger: No way! I was hoping people might remember us for a few more years. But not 50! That's because of the songs: no matter how good you look and no matter how crazy you come up with publicity stunts, the only thing that lasts forever is the music. That's why people still love Mozart and Bach - and The Doors.

A remaster of your debut album was released a few months ago. How many reprints does a fan need?

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I admit that the new version doesn't sound much different from previous mixes. But something has to be better or different about it, otherwise our technician, Bruce Botnick, wouldn't bother.

What goes through your head when you hear old Doors albums?

I never listen to them because I've played the songs so often that I know them inside out. But I still play them live with my free time band. My son Waylon is our singer.

Unlike your bandmates Ray Manzarek and John Densmore, you have not yet written an autobiography.

That just brings trouble. When Ray and John got their books out, it created huge disagreements and even litigation. I like to do without that.

Is there anything people don't know about The Doors?

Oh yes, some ...

For example?

Do you know that “Light My Fire” was originally intended to be used in “Apocalypse Now!”? In a scene in which the soldiers teach children how to sing "Light My Fire". But unfortunately that was canceled. Or did you know that Fidel Castro was a Doors fan? His favorite song was "Roadhouse Blues", he always heard it over a cigar and a glass of rum. A friend of mine knew him.

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What about Jim Morrison? Do you have a few anecdotes?

He never told us what his pieces were about. Every time we asked him it was: "Find out for yourself." Of course we thought that was arrogant, but he knew that his lyrics had different meanings. That is how they were designed. And when I wrote the text of "Light My Fire", he said: "Keep it as universal as possible and formulate it in such a way that it won't be out of fashion again next year."

Great advice. But: love, freedom and enlightenment have actually never gone out of style.

That was good for the band's myth. Jim knew how to sell. He basically never quoted all of the French philosophers he studied. Everything he sang was just something he came up with, which was probably due to the great marijuana he kept smoking. I don't know where he got this from, but it was pretty good.

Is it true that he was obnoxious to alcohol and drugs?

If he was drunk or stoned, he would turn into that crazy asshole. In Mr. Mojo Risin ’. Then he was a completely different person - not a pleasant one.

If Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison were still with us: Would The Doors play blues covers today? Or your classics? Or would you have long since retired?

I think we'd try rap. (laughs) Because that would be rebellious - or at least different. I'm waiting for something new to finally happen in music. Music is just an infusion of things that already existed. Maybe that will change when people get tired of the digital stuff. Because it's bad for the brain.

This interview first appeared in the 06/2017 edition of the Musikexpress in the section "Long time nothing heard from ...".

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