How important is trust in sales

Why trust is so important and how to build it with social media

Recently I was standing in front of the fruit shelf in the supermarket. I especially liked the tempting-looking strawberries. I already had the package in my hand and was about to put it in my shopping cart when a voice answered in my head:

“Hey, these strawberries come from Spain somewhere in March where people work under the worst conditions and fertilizers of all kinds are used”. I had only recently seen a report about it on television. I put the box back on the shelf.

What happened? Put simply, I did not trust the growing and working conditions under which these strawberries were born. And that's exactly why they didn't end up in my shopping cart.

Let me cover our topic and show you why it is also important for you to build trust:


Why You Should Build Trust

The simplified example above has already made it clear. Trust has an impact on purchasing decisions. Without the corresponding trust, there is (often) no sale. This principle applies not only to fruit, but also to other goods, such as digital products or services.

According to an online study, trust in a brand is actually one of the biggest influences on the purchase decision:

  • A full 82% bought the products and services of the brands they trusted, not just once, but again and again.
  • 78% of the respondents said that they would prefer to perceive the brands they trust. So trust increases the efficiency of marketing dramatically.

These numbers clearly show:

Building trust is an investment that pays off in the long term!

The study also concludes that respondents are generally more open to new products from trustworthy brands. 50% are even willing to pay a higher price for their offers.

In addition, the respondents were far more willing to recommend these products or services to others.

Especially when your business is based on you as a person - this is usually the case with consultants or coaches, for example, it is extremely important that you gain the trust of your target group. Your success stands and falls with it.



Your social media channels offer you the ideal opportunity to build and consolidate this trust little by little.

Take this chance and build a trusting relationship with your followers, your potential and existing clients with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co.!

In this article, I'll show you 7 ways you can do it.

* I spend most of my time with Facebook and Instagram because in my experience these channels are particularly good for building trust.

Here we go!



This is how you build a trusting relationship

The first tip sounds simple, but most people find it difficult. It's about giving your followers some insight into your personality:


Tip 1: add a personal touch to your posts:

Especially if you are a sole trader, everything in your business revolves around you. You can use this cleverly and let your personality shine through in your social media channels:

Live videos and personal posts
Are a simple yet very effective method Live videos (on Facebook or Instagram Stories on Instagram) or normal posts in which you show yourself and show your personality.

Nina Stromann makes this particularly charming:

Nowadays, Facebook makes it really easy to just go live spontaneously or even to plan live posts in advance. This gives you even more options to promote your live video, e.g. via your newsletter.

You could show yourself in a more personal live video, e.g. with your favorite hobby, or how you are committed to a certain topic for your city or in your community. Anything that makes you stand out as a person is allowed. Of course, you don't have to reveal everything about yourself - you set the limits yourself.

An example:
For example, if you are a business coach, then you could simply introduce one of your favorite books on this topic and share your most important learnings with your followers. This then has the positive side effect that your clients notice that your topic is also important to you in your private life and that you are constantly learning. You also offer valuable added value with your video.

My advice: Always be as authentic as possible. Do you sometimes roll your eyes when you see some Instgram accounts on which the protagonists look like they are peeled from the egg after getting up in the morning? Often more being than appearance is the order of the day. Building trust is different. At least in my eyes ...


Tip 2: Share milestones & successes with your followers

Facebook makes this particularly easy for you with its own function - the so-called milestones. These offer you a great opportunity to present your own (professional) history and career.

For example, if you are a business coach and look back on a long professional career, then you could share with your followers what particularly fascinated you when you started your business (keyword emotionality) and put it into words - then the spark will certainly jump on yours too Fans over!

If you want, you can start with the most important moments and show your readers (especially the new ones) how you have achieved your goals, etc. This not only provides points of identification, but also increases trust and transparency.

Of course, such posts also work great on Instagram or Twitter, even if there is no special function for it.


Tip 3: take your followers with you

Do you travel a lot, give seminars, workshops, give lectures, etc.? Great, then share your personal view of it with your followers! Even if you are on your way to a meeting or a trade fair, for example, you could just pull out your cell phone and give your readers an insight into what your days are like, who you are meeting, etc.

Always see these situations from the “content page”, then you always have exciting content to post and give your followers an insight into your personality. You can also use everyday situations. Are you in your favorite bookstore and are you really excited about a new publication by your favorite author? Awesome, then share your euphoric mood with your followers!

Another example: Share a video, a song, etc. that reflects your own taste. This way your potential customers can better assess you and decide whether they can identify with you.


Tip 4: Added value is the top priority

I almost do not dare to bring this tip, as it is now known to everyone. Is there anyone out there these days who hasn't got it? You are definitely not one of those stubborn people, so I'll keep this point extremely short.

Point 🙂


Tip 5: miss your posts

Recognition value

I always recommend that you ensure a certain recognition value in your own posts and other content, because that also inspires trust. Therefore, think about branding your content.

For example, choose a color that you use again and again, a font, the tonality of your posts and make sure that your imagery goes well together overall.

Here you can see an example of an American coach who uses this very well for you and thus conveys a coherent overall picture with which she attracts her desired customers and arouses trust.


On my blog I have an article on the subject of personal branding and Branded content written, which I would like to recommend to you.

The next point is also very important, which is the regularity with which you publish content:


Tip 6: bring in regularity

Because regularity also creates trust. For example, if you have announced that a new blog post will appear every 10 days or you are planning a Facebook live stream on a certain date, then you should keep these promises if possible.

Your readers will realize that you mean business and that you are a reliable partner.


Tip 7: use social proof

(Real) recommendations are worth their weight in gold. Just ask yourself: Would you just buy something like this from someone who doesn't have any recommendations on their FB page and whom you don't know? Probably not, right?

That's why you need testimonials to build trust and convince potential customers of you.

How to set up social proof:
My tip: If you've been in business for a while, you could ask your clients for feedback that you can use as a testimonial. To make it as easy as possible for them, you can send the link to the FB rating page (just click on “Ratings” in the lower left menu on your FB page and then copy the URL).

Testimonials are not only an important prerequisite for building trust, they also give you the opportunity to get in touch with existing clients again and improve customer loyalty.


Hey, you made it through to the end - I hope you got as much inspiration as possible from this article!

I hope you enjoy trying out the different tips!

And the most important: Stay authentic, stay YOU 🙂


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