What is the best HR software

The best HR software

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Human resources, also known as Human Resources (HR for short), is a complicated department. You have to find new employees, then hire them, manage duty rosters, make sure that all legal requirements are met and take care of dozens of other tasks.

What if the employee wants a separate tax statement? How do you see the vacation days already taken and additional benefits per employee?

Without the right technology, this can quickly become a major challenge.

Because of this, HR software has become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies of all sizes and from all industries use software to manage their employees, optimize work processes and thus increase productivity.

Are you interested in HR software but don't know where to start? Then you are exactly right here.

The 5 best software solutions for human resources

  1. Namely
  2. APS
  3. BerniePortal
  4. Workday
  5. Kissflow

How to find the right HR software for your company

There are so many HR software solutions out there, but not all programs are created equal, so be careful when choosing. You can't just take any software and assume that it fits your business.

Here are the most important features and characteristics to consider when making a decision.

Self service (Employee access)

Modern HR software must have employee access so that managers and employees can view important information if they wish, without having to call someone in the HR department or write an email.

Would you like to see the employee handbook? Then you can simply log in and look up the information you want. Do you have any questions about your agreed additional services? Then you can easily look it up in the portal. Would you like to apply for leave? That too can be done with one click.

All of this information and more is available to your employees around the clock. If your employee is sitting comfortably on the sofa on a Saturday evening and suddenly has a question about income tax, they don't have to wait until Monday to call the HR department, they can just take a look themselves.

The result is a more productive team and a human resources department that no longer wastes time on unimportant tasks or trivialities.

Mobile access

Good HR software must have mobile access.

Employees can access their information at any time and from anywhere, and your HR department also benefits because the HR manager can immediately complete important tasks while on the move, if need be. HR is no longer tied to the office.

There are even apps that enable communication among employees. Employees can decide whether they want to receive notifications directly and quickly on their mobile device or prefer to receive them by e-mail.

Payroll, plus additional services

Most software solutions contain functions for payroll accounting. These functions are not always desired, it always depends on the requirements of your company.

However, since payroll is often also done in the HR department, an all-in-one solution would definitely be very helpful.

If you are satisfied with your current wage and salary program, you do not have to change, of course, but in this case make sure that the new HR solution can be linked to your current program. Your HR department and employees will most likely want to access both programs from a single interface.


Efficiency is the real reason for using HR software and there is nothing more efficient than automating repetitive processes.

Search specifically for software that can reduce manual processes. For example, there are programs that automatically manage vacation requests or calculate taxes and then retain them independently. Think about how much money you could save if the HR department suddenly had five to ten more hours a week available. The savings would be substantial.

Size of the company

You need to find software that is designed for the size of your business.

A small company with 15 employees doesn't need the same functions as a large company with 150 or 1,500 employees. That should go without saying, but this aspect is still often overlooked.

Large companies need more complex HR solutions that some software simply cannot offer. In turn, a small business can get by with fewer functions and a simpler HR program.

The different types of HR software

HR software is a broad term because human resources cover many different areas. Here is a brief overview of the different HR solutions that are currently on offer.

HCM software

HCM stands for “Human Capital Management”.

These HR programs primarily have functions for personnel administration in order to comply with the company's internal system and personnel policy. Recruitment is an important part of HCM software, which is why special emphasis is placed on functions for onboarding, performance management, salary planning, training, succession planning, and performance management.

In human resources, there is often some agreement that HCM software is an enhanced version of HR software.

HRMS software

HRMS stands for “Human Resource Management System”.

HRMS software has most of the features of an ordinary HR solution, but there are two features that all HR information systems have in common: payroll, and time and labor management.

Not every HRMS system has employee planning functions, but most do. There are special software solutions for time and labor management, commonly referred to as "workforce management" software, which are used for staff scheduling, but the functions can usually be found in any good HRMS program.

HRIS software

A Human Resource Information System, also known as a personnel information system (PIS for short), is used to record, store, process and maintain employee data.

The HRIS software has the core functions of an HR system, but includes special functions for payroll accounting, time calculation, master data management, administration, personnel reporting, personnel planning and working time calculation.

The functions differ greatly from software to software, but the elements mentioned above usually make up an HRIS solution.

ATS software

ATS stands for “Applicant Tracking System”.

In this case, it is a special software for applicant management, which is often offered as a standalone product without HR core functions. However, many HR solutions also have applicant management functions.

ATS software makes sense if your company hires a lot of new employees at regular intervals, as the program simplifies employee retention, development, planning and recruitment.


Large companies often have two separate departments for human resource management and payroll. Still, both are closely related as payroll is a part of human resources. Perhaps you already have a payroll program.

Not all HR software has payroll features (although these are included in most programs). This software is also often offered separately, but there are many HR solutions that have the necessary functions for payroll accounting, even if these often have to be paid extra as an additional function.

No. 1 - Namely - Rating: Best HR software for separate employee access

Namely is an all-in-one solution for HR, payroll and benefits management. The platform enables HR processes to be optimized in compliance with all legal requirements and is already used by over 1,400 companies worldwide.

The software describes itself as the “People Operations Platform” and has numerous functions for employee management, recruiting, time and work planning, personnel reporting and more.

I would say that Namely falls more into the HRIS system category.

Personally, I like the system because it is geared towards employee management. Your employees always have access to their information via the clear employee portal.

The portal can be accessed anywhere and anytime using the mobile app. You can send messages, improve communication among your employees and create a company directory.

Namely's HR functions include the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Performance and goal tracking
  • Task tracking
  • Vacation planning
  • Compliance database
  • Electronic signature
  • Employee access and work processes
  • Custom fields

There are also numerous additional services for payroll, administration of social benefits, applicant management and time and work recording.

Namely is therefore very suitable for medium-sized companies.

# 2 - APS - Review: The Best HR Software for Payroll

The acronym “APS” stands for “Automatic Payroll Systems”, so the software, as the name suggests, is geared towards payroll accounting.

But APS can do a lot more, because it is the all-in-one solution for human resources and payroll.

APS has numerous HR features for managing additional benefits, performance management, employee planning, recruiting, onboarding, compliance, employee self-service and more. APS even offers specialized industry solutions for healthcare, hospitality, wholesale, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, hospitality, financial services and more.

Here is a small overview of the advantages of APS:

  • Optimizing tax compliance in terms of accuracy, timeliness and garnishment of wages.
  • Automatic withholding of wage tax to minimize risk.
  • Reduction of the time required to process the payroll by reconciling the wage and salary accounts at the end of the year.
  • Automate tax returns at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • More efficiency and lower costs through paperless payroll accounting.

The self-service portal for employees is fantastic and offers many advantages for the HR department and your employees.

Over 2,000 companies from all industries are already using APS. If you are looking for a common solution for HR management and payroll, APS is the solution.

No. 3 - BerniePortal - Rating: The best HR information system

BerniePortal isn't as well known as the other HR programs in this article, but it shouldn't be ignored. BerniePortal is an all-round satisfactory personnel information system.

It has the latest technology for employee management.

BerniePortal was founded in 2008 and therefore has many years of experience in the field of personnel management. The software is used in over 5,000 HR departments and has over 210,000 active users.

Why should you choose BerniePortal? So let's take a closer look at the HRIS features.

  • Recruit talented employees thanks to benefits management.
  • Compliance, custom registration and payroll.
  • Increase productivity and engagement through seamless onboarding of employees.
  • Collaborative hiring of new employees thanks to integrated functions for applicant tracking.
  • Vacation planning, time management and custom special regulations.
  • Time recording functions with detailed reporting.
  • Mobile app with user-defined employee access.
  • Performance management and compliance functions

You can even use BerniePortal to file your tax return. It does not have payroll functions, but it can be linked to other programs.

BerniePortal costs USD 5 per employee per month with a monthly fee of USD 15.

# 4 - Workday Review: The Best Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution

Workday is a popular HR program specializing in finance. It is the unified solution for finance, HR and planning, all from a single platform.

The software is used in many companies from different industries, including well-known names such as Visa, Toyota, Salesforce, CE, Target, Charles Schwab and Adobe.

Workday is extremely versatile, with features for human capital management, applicant management, corporate planning, payroll, human resources, expense management, and more.

Workday is robust yet easy to use. Here is a little feature overview:

  • Automation of processes to avoid manual work and increase productivity
  • Advanced analysis functions for decision making
  • Improve communication
  • Machine learning processes for independent employee identification
  • Time recording functions
  • Remuneration, salary and benefit management
  • Employee directories and self-service portal

The software adapts flexibly to your HCM requirements.

Another reason Workday ranks high is that it can be used in a variety of industries, including: Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Services, Energy, and more.

# 5 - Kissflow - Review: The Best HR Software for Applicant Management and Recruiting

Kissflow is the best solution for recruiting and therefore the ideal software for companies that want to optimize their application process.

The software has numerous functions for applicant management, onboarding new employees, attendance management, absence management, vacation planning and offboarding.

Here are some of Kissflow's best features:

  • Recruiting new talent at the perfect time
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Self-service portal
  • Feedback and employee reviews
  • Custom solutions for human resource management

Kissflow is designed for companies with large teams. It costs $ 690 per month and includes up to 100 employees for that price. The enterprise solution starts at $ 1,290 per month.

The only downside is that Kissflow is not an all-in-one HR solution. Although it has certain features, it does not have any functions for payroll, for example. Kissflow can, however, be integrated with numerous external programs and should be compatible with all programs currently used in your company.


Every company can benefit from HR software, no matter how big your company is or what industry you are in.

However, the decision should always be made taking into account the features and processes explained in this article. First determine which functions your company needs and then find a suitable HR solution.

The HR systems recommended in this article can serve as a starting point in your search for the perfect HR program.