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Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer Sandkollveien 11 N 3229 Sandefjord


1 Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer Sandkollveien 11 N 3229 Sandefjord Sandefjord, Ass. Prof. Dr. psych. Alexander Friedmann, died 3O. March 2OO8 in Vienna Mr. Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. med Peter Hofmann, University Clinic for Psychiatry, Graz Ass. Prof. Dr. psych. Brigitte Lueger Schuster, Institute for Psychology, Vienna Univ. Doz. med. Maria Steinbauer, University Clinic for Psychiatry, Graz Prim. David Vyssoki, Medical Director Esra (= book of the AT), Vienna (formerly Elvira Glück Institute) To Springer Verlag Vienna Management: Dr. Alois Sillaber, Petrus Joachim Hendriks Joachim Krieger Prinz Eugenstr. 8 1O A 4O1O WIEN Re: Book Psychotrauma, ISBN Springer Verlag, 2OO4, which I received only a few days ago. Dear Sir or Madam, The above-mentioned Jewish (?) Gentlemen published the book Psychotrauma in 2OO4, whereby 1OO% of the central term Psychotrauma = DHS = Dirk Hamer Syndrome was stolen from me. 100% of the term posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) = SBS = Sensible Biological Special Program of Nature following the DHS (= Dirk Hamer Syndrome) is stolen from my books. It is exactly the handwriting of the Zionist robber of all robbers and mathematical illiterate Albert Einstein, who stole the formula E = mc 2 from the Austrian physics professor Hasenöhrl and instead obtained the Jewish. Earned the Nobel Prize. 1

2 Prof. Hasenöhrl was shot from behind in the first days of the First World War. But what was particularly wicked was that immediately and since the beginning of the war, all publications by Hasenöhrl were stolen or stolen from all libraries, universities and institutes around the world by the Zionists, so that after the robbery of Einstein everyone asked: Hasenöhrl, who is that, nobody knows him? In reality everything had been prepared well in advance by the Zionists, as with Friedmann. And the mathematically illiterate Einstein did not mention Hasenöhrl and pretended that the discovery came from him, an insolence of his Zionists in the square! Friedmann, who brazenly stole 100% of the greatest discovery in human history from me, completely forgot to mention my name. The simple-minded psychologist discovered it all by himself! In science, the Zionist Albert Einstein has been considered the robber of all robbers for almost a hundred years. The formula is controversial today and therefore the robbery of this formula is relatively insignificant despite the Zionist baseness, which it was not at the beginning of the last century. The robbery of assistant professor Dr. psych. Alexander Friedmann who tried to steal the two centers of the greatest discovery in human history (DHS = Dirk Hamer Syndrome and SBS = Meaningful Biological Special Program of Nature) exactly using the Zionist Einstein method. I want to explain that in more detail: The Jews have been harassing and terrorizing me for 33 years. Springer press, which has press sovereignty in the FRG, and all medical organizations around the clock in Gossenjournaillen style: Faith healer, charlatan, lock him up, yell at him, finish him off, beat him to death ... The character assassination terror, especially by the Springer Publishing house and by the doctors and half doctors, the psychologists like Friedmann, was so infinitely vile and defamatory as it has probably never happened to a medical scientist. My life for the last 33 years has been one horror with e.g. 76 court orders for forced psychiatry and countless arrest warrants. My wife was terrorized to death by the Bildzeitung newspaper, which is responsible for the press, and all of its accomplices. It was always said: Germanic medicine (formerly New Medicine) is wrong, because psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that conflicts always build up very slowly. The DHS with the two-phase SBS in the wake does not even exist. The acute biological conflicts, i.e. those with DHS and SBS, which the thief of my intellectual property renamed Psychotrauma with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, were fought down to the last detail for decades. And after 23 years, the DHS was suddenly correct, but, as with Einstein, was renamed by his Jewish thieves and is now supposed to belong to the Jewish Friedmann and his accomplices. They make copyright claims as if they discovered it. Outrageous! Shortly before or after the book of robbery was published I was in the Jewish. Gulag Fleury Merogis visited a Bavarian company boss (see attachment) Mr. Dr. Stangl in Tulln. He told the patient, who put it down in a letter, about a conversation with the psychologist and assistant Prof. Dr. Friedmann, who said, Yes, what the Dr. Hamer discovered that everything was correct. But he suffered from the fact that the non-Jewish patients received these findings from Dr. Hamer shouldn't have used (only the Jewish ones!) (Of course because of the circular from the greatest mass murderer of all time and messiah of the Jews, the worst in satanic rituals, to all rabbis in the world in 1981 that Dr. Hamer's Germanic was correct , but should not benefit non-Jews, see my letter to the Lubavitch Chief Rabbi from 1986). 2

3 When the book Psychotrauma was published, Dr. Stangl again with Dr. Friedmann and said to him: Yes, listen, what were you doing there? You complain about the term psychotrauma (page 11/12 unexpected, dramatic external event, which causes the affected person a massive, painful emotional shock because he is unprepared for this event and his adaptation abilities (coping abilities) are flooded and thus switched off) as Her own discovery, it was made by Dr. Hamer discovered more than 20 years ago: (very severe, highly acute dramatic, isolative and unprepared, caught on the wrong foot) DHS = Dirk Hamer Syndrome = very severe = highly acute dramatic = isolative = unexpected, caught on the wrong foot PT = psychotrauma = unexpected dramatic external event which causes a massive emotional shock in the affected person because he is unprepared for this event and his ability to adapt is flooded and thus switched off. You can't do that to Dr. Hamer just stole that just because of being innocent of his jew. Adversaries has been dragged to the all-Jewish prison in France for 3 years, the worst prison in Europe. And that with a bogus accusation that 12 years earlier, 4 patients he didn't even know had read in his books. You also stole the term SBS = meaningful biological special program of nature from him and renamed it to post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Stangl recently confirmed once again verbatim. In reality, however, the matter of the devious Zionist robbery was much more dramatic: In 2OO4 I was abducted to Paris in the purely Jewish-run Fleury Merogis prison. Even before that, all of my Jewish robbers were in the starting blocks in an effort to steal my intellectual property. In Jewish circles it was considered certain that Dr. Hamer would give away all his intellectual property in front of a notary to the rabbis of France, because my responsible brutal judge, Francois Bessy from Chambery, he was the chief rabbi of France, head of 10 rabbinical schools in Aix les Bains seems to have issued the motto at the beginning of 2OO4 : The Dr. We get Hamer here in France in our Gulag in Fleury Merogis. Then we put him under so brutal pressure that he then signs everything just to get out of there. And if I had given all of my intellectual property, the greatest discovery in human history, as requested, to the French rabbis in front of the notary, Mr. Friedmann and his accomplices could have cheered: It now belongs to Dr. Hamer no longer, then we can steal. Friedmann experienced his DHS, psychotrauma according to the stolen property definition, at the moment when he found out: Damn it, Dr Hamer did not sign the notarial assignment, which Friedmann and all his Zionist accomplices had expected. From then on he could no longer manage his theft and appears at his HAMER stove, which he wanted to rename the FRIEDMANN STOVE, on the 3rd. 3. 2OO8 after 3 years of conflict 3

4 (= meaningful biological special program), or to have died of a myocardial infarction from the post-traumatic stress disorder named after thieves? Germanic medicine had caught up with its robber. You, the gentlemen from Springerverlag, who you and your accomplices from press sovereignty have persecuted me for decades in the style of the worst gutter journalism with incessant character assassination and endless lies, you, as Med. Verlag bosses, know best what theft of intellectual property is . It used to have 5 years in prison. A theft of intellectual property can no longer be clearer than in this case, i.e. literally 1: 1. Because you know that the origin of the conflicts with psychologists and psychiatrists was estimated to take decades, or you should have built up very, very slowly, what I called a psychological conflict, which was arbitrarily constructed and completely unbiological. And now Friedmann and accomplices are stealing my DHS and the biological conflict and cheekily equating it with the psychological conflict. But that's far from enough: Axel Springer Verlag has always been one of the worst smack and character assassination media, and for decades you have been shouting out loud that Germanic medicine is wrong. And now it should suddenly be right if it would belong to Mr. Friedmann and his rabbis and accomplices. Just give it a new name, i.e. rename it and the greatest discovery in human history belongs to my predators. It's as simple as that with the predator of all predators with the theory of relativity. But that's not all: Who of you is now providing the relatives of the 36 (or 40) million only in Germany (and Austria) with chemo and morphine through your 33 years of willful character assassination terror and your astronomical debt to slain patients? And if we had a constitutional state with only one sworn judge, then you would all be in prison for the rest of your life, not only for the robbery of my intellectual property, but because all of you, as Jewish. Faith, knew very well that since 1981 all Jews in the world have been allowed to practice Germanic medicine and thus (according to the publication of the Israeli embassy 29.10.2OO8) were allowed to survive 99% of the time, Friedmann himself suffered greatly from the fact that Germanic medicine is not for non-Jews may be used, but that it is reserved for Jews only. And that is why all the goyim died and only the Jews were allowed to survive. You have all made yourself accomplices and accomplices of the greatest mass murder crime in world history, Messiah at the top and supreme boss of the Satano ritualist Menachem Mendel Schneerson and you will be disqualified for the rest of your life. Since 2OO4 / 2OO5 not only Rabbi Prof. Joav Merrick, member of the Israeli government, who has officially designated Germanic medicine as correct after years of review, but also all of you, by using the terms Dirk Hamer Syndrome and Meaningful Biological Special Program in renamed form now as correct, everyone wonders why it is, as Dr. Friedmann spoke to Mr. Amtsarzt a.d. Dr. Stangl 2OO5 expressed that he and possibly also his medical accomplices and his Springerverlags accomplices were sorry that the non-Jews (goyim) were not allowed to use my discovery and 99% of them had to die of chemo and morphine. And why do they still have to die 99% of cancer by order of the Synhedrium, while the Jewish. Can patients survive 99% of the time with my Germanic medicine? Am I not the greatest benefactor of all Jews of all time? 4th

5 You see for yourself that it is the most astronomical mass murder crime in world history. The late Dr. psych. Friedmann posthumously take over the title of the robber of all robbers for the robbery of the greatest discovery in human history from the previous robber of all robbers, Einstein. It just disgusts me. This infinite, even astronomical mass murder of currently about 6 billion goyim patients slaughtered worldwide out of religious madness, and this eternal mendacious gesture about prosemitism, in combination with this greatest theft in human history is so infinitely disgusting as it is no longer disgusting imaginable . I urge you to first remove the stolen book Psychotrauma immediately and report it to me, as well as assure me and all patients of reparation. This letter will never again disappear from this world and never again will the shame of the mass murderers of our patients and the robbery of the DHS = Dirk Hamer Syndrome and the SBS = Meaningful Biological Special Programs of Nature. My curse and that of all honest people in the world will overtake the mass murderers and robbers, just as it overtook the chief robber Friedmann (de mortuis nil nisi bene)! Sincerely, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer Annex: 1. Verification of the Germanic by the Israeli government, chapter from the book Mein Studentenmädchen, 2nd edition, 2014, page 72 ff. 2. Letter from the medical officer a. D. Dr. Willibald Stangl to the German Embassy in Madrid from the confirmation of a person who, at the beginning of 2005, with several relatives, Mr. D. Dr. Willibald Stangl in Tulln. 4. Letter from Dr. Willibald Stangl, retired medical officer D. and sworn expert, dated to the medical journal Medical Tribune, because of the Germanic New Medicine (today Germanic medicine) and the article post-traumatic stress disorder. 5. Confirmation of a person to whom a Jewish woman, on request, had already advised in 1984 to go to Israel with his wife, who was suffering from cancer, because there was no chemotherapy or morphine, but a completely different type of cancer therapy, which was meant by Germanic Helicopter customer. 5

6 Verification of the Germanic by the Israeli government On January 28, 2005, Prof. Joav Merrick 1 (Medical Director within the Ministry of Social Affairs of Israel, Prof. for Pediatrics at Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel) published: Rationality and Irrationality in Ryke Geerd Hamer's method of holistic treatment of metastatic cancer: From a theoretical point of view, we therefore state that Hamer's first law (the iron rule of cancer) is well-founded and elsewhere: the first two principles of Hamer's work, namely the psychosomatic « Iron Rule of Cancer »(Hamer's first law) and the principle of reversing pathogenesis into salutogenesis (Hamer's second law) are recognized in today's holistic medicine. Merrick & Co. are lying when they continue to write: It was only after decades of theoretical work, and only after we recently succeeded in achieving similar healing processes with cancer patients in our own research clinic, that we were able to comply with the controversial First Law of To accept and understand Hamer, the Parisian chief rabbi Denoun told us that his boss at the time, world chief rabbi of the Lubavitsch Hasidim in New York, Menachem M. Schneerson, wrote in a comment in 1984 the obligation in the Talmud for all Jews, all Jews the world would have to allow itself to be treated according to Germanic medicine. Merrick & Co. have precisely timed their publication that the first two biological laws of nature are correct with the judge and highest ranking rabbi in France, Francois Bessy. He abducted me to France with one of the first Euro Orders in 2004 (3 years in prison), because allegedly four patients who were completely unknown to me had read Germanic medicine in my books shortly before their chemo death, which was wrong. Shortly before the publication by Rabbi Merrick and Co. on, with which the GERMANI SCHE was officially declared by the Jewish ministers as correct, I should have officially ceded Germanic medicine to the rabbis immediately beforehand, I should have committed myself, never again via Germanic Speaking or writing medicine should have taken up residence in France and reported to the police once a week. Much worse: as our Batiment boss later confessed to me in prison, I would have been subjected to forced psychiatry immediately afterwards and transferred to a psychiatric clinic. The new owners of Germanic Medicine would of course have immediately renamed it to Jewish New Medicine. In the meantime we know that since October / November all Jewish doctors in the world have been practicing Germanic medicine (see document from attorney Koch in Schwerin from). 1 The Scientific World Journal, VOL: 5, p,

7 As early as October / November 1981, five Jewish medical professors at the University of Tübingen, as the legal advisor at the university told us, examined more than a hundred patients behind closed doors and found that the Dr.Hamer really discovered the philosopher's stone in medicine. That is no longer denied today. But immediately the world’s chief rabbi Menachem Schneerson in New York and his rabbinical colleague, the Jewish Pope of the Catholic Church in Rome, intervened and banned Germanic medicine with its 99% cancer survival rate for all non-Jews. The trial in the Sigmaringen Administrative Court ran for 30 years. Finally the fraud case came before the administrative court in Mannheim: In a phone call in September, the judge Klein said to me: Yes, Dr. Hamer, it is true that the university no longer denies having committed fraud, but neither does it formally admit it. But Judge Klein, to force a mass murderer, robber or child molester to the truth, is the task of the court. Yes, said Judge Klein, that is true, but the University of Tübingen cannot be forced into the truth. He broke off the conversation and the administrative court ruled in favor of the fraudulent university and against billions of dead. 7th

8 By way of comparison: In Germany, about one million patients with chemo and morphine are deliberately executed every day, i.e. about one million per year of whom, however, statistically fraudulently, deaths from chemotherapy and morphine must be reported as cardiovascular deaths by order of the medical association. 8th

9 The article in the Zeitschrift von Krebs in Israel is remarkably rare. Of course, the Jewish doctors do not treat their Jewish patients naturopathically, but strictly according to Germanic medicine. 9

10 What are the consequences of my discovery of Germanic medicine for Jewish patients? We note: Government member Joav Merrick announced in 2005 that he had been concerned with Germanic medicine for several decades, i.e. since 1984 (Talmud commentary by Rabbi Schneerson after Chief Rabbi Denoun). He found (after a few days, of course, but not until 2005 for tactical reasons of exculpation), what had been known since 1981, that the first two biological laws of nature (the iron rule of cancer and the law of two-phase) are correct and have general acceptance in Israel. Say: They are practiced by all Jews in the world. So: If the first two biological laws of nature are generally recognized, this means that z. B. Lungs, liver, pancreas, large intestine or mammary glands Cancer in Israel has not been a real disease for 32 years, but meaningful special biological programs, in which, if the conflict is resolved with the help of the rabbis and the Jewish doctors, which is 99% of the The case is, the patients come into the healing phase, where the tumor disappears by itself without chemo and morphine (tuberculosis). These happy patients do not panic because their rabbis and Jewish doctors are very well informed about GERMANISCHEN and can help them with conflict resolution and minor complications in specially equipped hospitals. As a result, of course, the Jewish patients survive 99%. What are the consequences of my discovery of the GERMANISCHEN for non-Jewish patients for 32 years? No! For the non-Jews, Germanic medicine remains strictly forbidden. We don't even have a single doctor who is only allowed to practice Germanic medicine, I myself have been banned from working for 27 years. We don't have hospitals for our patients. That is, if the non-Jewish patients z. If, for example, you have cancer of the lungs, liver, pancreas or mammary glands and go to your Jewish oncologist unsuspectingly, then these are all very serious, malignant, fatal diseases that have virtually no chance of survival and lead to death in a few months. Patients are in total panic at this fraudulent diagnosis and prognosis which is the only available option. In the alleged lack of an alternative, they finally allow themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughterhouse. Cynically, they are told that life can be extended a bit with chemo and radiation and that pain can be reduced with morphine. My opponents and the people who are mostly brainwashed by propaganda either do not want to or cannot understand me. They think I should limit myself to Germanic medicine and forget the dying and the dead. Can you stay calm when you know that tomorrow your child and the day after tomorrow your siblings or parents will be mercilessly executed, and that without any necessity and solely out of religious madness? 10

11 11

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13 Dr. Stangl Willibald General Practitioner General sworn and court-certified expert Wildgasse 7 A 3430 Tulln Tulln, on September 28, 2004 Subject: Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, imprisonment To the German Embassy in Madrid Dear Sir or Madam! I read the news in the Austrian newspapers that Dr. Hamer was convicted by a French court on the basis of an international arrest warrant for "illegal exercise of the medical profession" and for fraud (?), Although the verdict is not yet final and has been imprisoned in Spain. I know dr. Hamer and his discoveries in the medical field have been around for over 12 years and have dealt with them objectively and critically. Little by little it turned out that there is a deep truth in it, he has gained and passed on knowledge with the help of computer technology and his keen observation skills, which, when applied sensibly and practically, are an additional help for our patients with a lot of ailments. At first, his discoveries were confirmed by well-known scientists, who then had to withdraw their consent under massive pressure; personally, as a little doctor, it was the same for me. His publications have found their echo in the population to this day, not only simple people, but interestingly also intelligent and critical people who have analyzed their suffering in the light of Hamer's findings and recognized the causes and connections. In addition to conventional medical treatment, they also seek help here and thus have greater chances of getting well. For me it was and is incomprehensible that the University Clinic in Tübingen, in spite of a court ruling, could use the findings of Dr. Hamer to check for correctness simply does not comply with this order! Suddenly this could provide clarity, one way or another! Instead, you ask him to "swear off"! This diction alone makes you shudder, reminiscent of Galileo Galilei (Inquisition), the Middle Ages fly through our century with flying colors! Ignaz Semmelweis recognized what was important at the time, communicated it to his professorial colleagues, was fired, despised and ultimately died in the insane asylum. Today his monument is in Vienna, we even have a Semmelweis Clinic (!) And are proud to have had this great doctor who saved the lives of thousands of women who had recently given birth. Who was still taking care of Semmelweis at that time among his medical colleagues? He was done! A Dr. Hackethal: On the occasion of a surgeons' congress in 1970, he asked his colleagues not to brutally saber the entire breast of women who had breast cancer, but only to remove the tumor and operate in a breast-conserving manner, because women suffer too much from the destruction of this feminine integrity and feel mutilated. What happened? 13th

14 He was thrown out and Congress literally stated, "His testimony will be condemned with disgust!" And today in 2004? Wherever possible, surgery is not only performed to preserve the breast but also to build up the breast again! And where is his rehabilitation, since looking ahead he was right? To forget! And now Dr. Hamer! Medical journals already point out that the most severe emotional conflicts leave visible impacts in the brain, see Medical Tribune No. 8 of February 18, 2004 (described by Prof. Dr. Alexander Friedmann, Univ. Clinic for Psychiatry Vienna; Ms. Univ . Lecturer Dr. Maria Steinbauer and Prim. Dr. David Vysseki). It is exactly the same with Dr. Hamer over 20 years ago and wrote it in his habilitation thesis at the University of Tübingen. In the Österreichische Ärztezeitung 1/2 of January 25, 2004, the following is reported under new and current: Brain Imaging: mental illnesses can be visualized. It is pointed out that for the first time researchers can visualize mental illnesses on the screen with fmrt (= functional magnetic resonance imaging). So yes! In both of the above articles, however, the name Dr. Hamer did not mention it at all. As long as Dr. Hamer and his opponents are not dead, his findings will not be recognized. Obviously history repeats itself at regular intervals. Granted, these charismatic people are often difficult, aggressive, impatient, and challenging for their contemporaries. But is that a reason to disavow, persecute and imprison such inconvenient researchers instead of dispassionately reviewing their claims? Hamer will likely suffer the same fate as Semmelweis: persecution, attrition, contempt, psychiatry and the end !! I have been working in the medical profession for 40 years and can confirm that the findings of Dr. Hamer (and now also Prof. Dr. Friedmann et alienas / Vienna) have become a wonderful and additional help for my patients in recent years. Thank you for taking the time to read these lines, maybe to think about it a little, and I ask you to go to Dr. To help Hamer, whatever your opinion of him may be, because he doesn't deserve prison! Sincerely, Dr. Stangl Willibald 14

15 15

16 Dr. Stangl Willibald General Practitioner Wildgasse 7 A-3430 Tulln Subject: Germanic New Medicine by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer Tulln, on In 1992 I first came into contact with the findings of Dr. Hamer, which he published in his book Cancer, Illness of the Soul. I dealt intensively with this matter and was also able to find those impacts in the shape of a target and the further progressive forms on the CCT images (cranial computer tomograms). At the same time, I researched the patients meticulously to find out the cause that such impacts (so-called Hamer's herd) could have caused. Again and again I found out that it was or was still a matter of the most serious emotional conflicts that ultimately had serious changes in the various organs (inflammation, destruction, dysfunction, tumors and also psychological changes). Depending on the intelligence and willingness of the people concerned, openly and without hesitation! talking about it, there were chances to tackle the disease causally in order to perhaps achieve a cure, but more about that later. If these connections are now again and again from the official side as figments and madnesses of the Dr. Hamer were dismissed, so I was extremely surprised when on February 18, 2004 an article appeared in the Medical Tribune, Volume 36, No. 8, which was written by the doctors Mr. Univ. Professor Dr. Friedmann Alexander, Vienna University Clinic for Psychiatry Mr. Prim. Dr. Vyssoki David, medical director of the ESRA psychosocial center, Vienna Ms. Dr. Lecturer Dr. Steinbauer Maria, University Clinic for Psychiatry, Graz and which dealt with post-traumatic stress disorders. It points out that a mental trauma as a stressful event of extraordinary threat or catastrophic proportions can cause deep despair in almost every person. The person concerned faces this burden helplessly and unprepared, his adaptive abilities are flooded and thus switched off. A psychological shock shakes this person's psychological worldview and self-image. One could speak of a deep impact that not only punches a hole but also causes seismic waves. The whole person becomes a disaster area. Such severe psychological trauma also leaves traces in the brain, which can be detected with the help of PET / MRT examinations! In the limbic and paralimbic system, there is increased neural networks, which are referred to as fear structures. Prim. Dr. Vyssoki points out that protective factors in the environment are the social network of the extended family, stable private relationships and secure attachment to help those affected out of this dilemma. Shortly before that, a very interesting article appeared in the official organ of the Austrian Medical Association, namely in the Austrian Medical Journal 1/2 of January 25, 2004 on page 34 - Headline: Brain Imaging: Mental Illnesses Visualizable !! With the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers can make mental disorders visible on the screen for the first time! They are associated with characteristic changes in brain function. Changes were seen in the frontal lobe and limbic system

17 found, especially in schizophrenic patients. The conclusion: Treatments can thus be placed on a more stable foundation. So far so good. At the time, I wrote to the Medical Tribune and pointed out that these findings, published in the specialist journal, were not new, but had already been published 20 years earlier in Dr. Hamer to the University of Tübingen are included. So far I have not received an answer. If one uses the diction of Professor Dr. Friedmann with that of Dr. Hamer compares, so it is astonishingly similar, only a different wording is used, in terms of content it hits exactly what Dr. Hamer recognized and described it at the time. A very difficult event that caught people unprepared, as it were, on the wrong foot and that they are instantly helpless in the face! Impacts can then be detected in certain areas of the brain. One says seismic waves, the other describes target-shaped foci, what is the difference? Hamer pleads for the most complete solution of the conflicts, Prim. Vissoki refers to protective factors in the family and stable relationships in order to cope with the emotional trauma. Hamer goes even further and also describes the changes in the various organs, depending on the allocation of the conflicts. Loss and partner conflicts: ovaries, testicles, female breast, territorial conflicts: heart diseases with infarcts, angina pectoris attacks Fear of fear conflicts: larynx diseases Fear of death conflicts: lung diseases Sexual conflicts: uterine cancer, prostate fluid conflicts: kidney hypernephroma, bones, etc., self-esteem collapses only a few references are given; everything can be read more precisely in his writings. If you take the time to compare the skull CTs with the statements of the patients who remember their conflicts and deep problems or catastrophes, the findings of Dr. Hamer amazingly accurate. As mentioned above, conflict resolution offers great opportunities for help and possibly also healing. However, based on my practical experience, I have to realistically admit that the majority of patients are not or no longer able to resolve their conflicts, they remain in that state or slide into relapse and perish as a result. In principle, for example, patients want to get rid of a malignant tumor wherever it has occurred - of course. As soon as they have had the operation, the next treatment in the form of radiation or chemotherapy will come to them. But first and foremost, it would be important to find out why the disease occurred in order to take effective countermeasures in the future. Here lies the great merit of Dr. Hamer, who was able to point out the causes. However, only the patient can resolve the conflicts if he is sufficiently informed and also has outside help. (See above also Dr. Vissoki) But usually there is not enough time for this, preventive radiation or tough chemistry is used and ultimately does not help, the patients die, simply because the mental situation has not been taken into account. In this regard, an experienced German oncologist strongly criticized this type of chemotherapy aftercare and simply denied its success. No patient lives longer with chemotherapy, only his quality of life is unspeakably impaired in this remaining time. So the statement of a recognized medical doctor! My experience in daily practice (also in my own relatives) shows time and again that it may be You can also do without these stressful aftercare actions if the patient can live safely in his environment. (see also Dr. Hamer conflict resolution!) Page 2 of 2

18 My opinion is that Dr. Hamer has opened a gate that allows deep insight into the course of diseases. Of course, nothing is final and complete, there are always new findings. If these observations have now also been officially described and published by conventional medical practitioners, then I ask myself why one does not also accept the achievements of Dr. Hamer? Obviously, until Dr. Hamer is dead and his opponents have died too, you can't back down. Once condemned and expelled, it stays that way. You have seen it with Dr. Ignaz-Friedrich Semmelweis, it was only when both parties to the dispute were no longer alive that monuments were erected and clinics named after him.Very few doctors today know that he had to die in his desperation in the madhouse. The drama in medicine is recurrent. It should only be said here that double standards are used, but I want to record this discrepancy and unbelievable approach anyway. In addition, where there is a legally valid court order to the University of Tübingen, these allegations by Dr. Analyze Hamer. You have the opportunity to check your findings whether they are right or wrong and you stubbornly (and desperately) defend yourself against it, the words are simply missing! Enclosed are photocopies of the above articles from the Austrian Medical Journal and those of the Medical Tribune. Dr. Willibald Stangl Page 3 of 3

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