How difficult are BITSAT questions

With the Eurotec color coding system, assigning screws and the appropriate TX bit is easier than ever. The color coding continues on the packaging. Perfect fit of the bit thanks to the conical fit. Optimal power transmission! No wobbling while screwing.

The long bit is suitable for use in hard-to-reach places, such as decking, house cladding, etc. It is suitable for common electric / cordless screwdrivers and can therefore be used directly or via an adapter. The long bit can be used well for relatively inaccessible screw connections such as two wooden planks. Fastening is easy without damaging the boards with a drill chuck.

Advantages of TX bits

  • faster attachment
  • higher torque can be used
  • no increased pressing force
  • no return forces
  • Minimized wear
  • Power optimally distributed over the entire area
  • Much less risk of slipping

Additional stainless steel bit

Thanks to the stainless steel long bits from Eurotec, there is no abrasion of foreign steel when screwing in stainless steel screws. This effectively prevents the risk of extraneous rust

Additional magnet bits

Thanks to the Eurotec Magnet Bits, it is even possible to fix screws in places that are difficult to reach, such as on a ladder or scaffolding, even with one arm. This can be done using a magnetically equipped attachment on the front area of ​​the bit, through which the screw head is pulled to the bit. Even long screws stay securely in position thanks to the strong magnet and do not fall off. This applies to both the horizontal and the vertical posture.

Extremely strong magnets also reliably fix long screws in the bit. You only need one hand to set screws precisely and quickly.