How do I join the Ripple coin

Ripple (XRP / USD)

Ripple is more than just a coin. The developers have built an entire peering network that is actively used by banks. The coin's growth during its existence was more than 10,000 percent.

Interesting facts

The manufacturers of Ripple did not initially think of their own coin. Your goal is a single payment system for instant money transfer anywhere in the world. Technically, Ripple Blockchain supports up to 70,000 transactions per second and follows the largest payment system Visa.

In addition, the transfer fee is negligible, the customer pays just one dollar for ten thousand transactions. For comparison, the standard wire transfer system charges $ 2-3 for a single transaction. Savings for customers and the bank itself are obvious.

With Ripple Union Credit, American Express, Mitsubishi and 40 other companies of the same size. The list of network users is expanded every month. The XRP token is an equivalent with which you can equate a currency with the current Ripple rate, transfer digital money to the recipient and redeem it in Fiat.

A coin is actually not a valuable means of payment, but due to its high speed, low commission and the lack of double conversion when working with different national currencies, its value is constantly increasing.

After a bitcoin dump when the exchange rate for digital gold fell five times, Ripple was one of the few coins to survive the market reversal without global losses and capital outflows.

Ripple refers to coins with limited emissions, yet mining is not available. The developers immediately launched 100 billion XRP. That was why at the beginning of the koin life cycle a 5 cents asset was priced at.

Since Ripple isn't available, you can only buy it. This makes the asset extremely attractive to traders as the market is volatile and has good volatility.

The developers are not planning a new edition of the coin, but will ensure that there are always enough unique pieces on the market. As of 2019, revenue was XRP 70 billion, with all assets actively used in financial transactions.

Ripple is a trading coin whose sole purpose is to accompany currency exchange operations. In this sense, trading is similar to trading forex. Experienced traders will not have a hard time understanding the characteristics of the market and will use the high volatility to make super profits that are simply impossible with classic currency pairs.

What influences the price?

Although Ripple has no direct relation to Bitcoin, general market sentiment influences the price of the coin. Hence, the coin is characterized by seasonal volatility. But longer periods of stagnation do not usually occur.

As Ripple actively integrates with large corporations and international financial mechanisms, it regularly releases updates on developer plans and successfully signed contracts.

This information is received with enthusiasm by investors and leads to capital inflows. Negative news and media feeds about Ripple have less of an impact than other coins.

In such a way, it was reported in late 2018 that Orbes CryptoMarkets is assuming that all 100 billion coins are in circulation and the system is not suitable for further growth.

However, the practice of using XMR has proven different. The loud statement didn't affect the coin course, and most users didn't even pay attention to it.

When there is a real shortage of coins, according to the law of supply and demand, they become more expensive. This is due to the fact that over the next 10 to 15 years the XMR rate can increase significantly. There are no prerequisites for the substantial decline.

In order to make money with a coin, traders need to absorb spikes in depreciation caused by a depression in the cryptocurrency market and actively buy ripple during these periods. You can sell it in a couple of weeks with a margin of 80-200%.