Why does Twitter allow porn content

Medienanstalt initiates proceedings against Twitter for porn accounts

The media authority of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein has initiated proceedings against Twitter because pornographic content is publicly available on the platform. As the supervisory authority announced, they became aware of profiles that distributed pornographic images and videos without age restriction. Since they are also freely accessible to children and young people without registration, the platform is making itself a criminal offense for violating the protection of minors.

When asked by heise online, a spokeswoman for the authority said that there were around 20 profiles in the specific case. One had become aware of the existence of the pornographic content through a hint from outside. According to its own statements, the media authority asked Twitter to delete or block the profiles that advertise "sexual services and products". Twitter had not complied with the notice with reference to Irish law, which is why formal proceedings were initiated. In response to a request from heise online, Twitter itself let it be known that they did not want to comment on it at the moment.

Twitter threatens to be fined

The media authority says that the procedure could lead to a fine; they are also ready to involve the Irish supervisory authorities through a European network of regulators. "As the host provider, Twitter is responsible for removing pornographic content as soon as it becomes aware of it," said a press release.

According to Twitter's guidelines, pornography is not prohibited per se and is not uncommon - unlike many other social networks. Some of these profiles belong to professional performers, but spambots are also widespread. Admittedly, no corresponding recordings may be seen in live videos, profile pictures and banners, but tweets can certainly contain pornographic media if they are marked as "sensitive" and do not show sexual violence. Then the content is initially covered by a corresponding note, which can, however, be clicked away. (siko)

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