What are the worst designed iOS apps

The 5 worst apps for Android devices

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Those who have the choice are spoiled for choice: Not all apps in the Android Market are real gems. We'll show you which Android apps you should keep your hands off of.

Despite frozen yoghurt, donut and gingerbread, not everything in the Android Market is a sweet treat. According to Google's latest official estimate, there are now over 200,000 apps on the virtual retailer shelves. But as impressive as this number sounds, not all of these apps make the user really happy. At least as often as high-quality and creative app creations you will also find sloppily programmed, inferior and bad apps that are simply not worth the download. And if you think that this only happens with small apps from unknown developers, you are wrong. Even apps with big names and from well-known developer teams - such as Facebook, Netflix and Skype - often lack important functions. Our sister publication PC World shows you five of these app failures and tells you what you can do to minimize the damage.

Guide: Android as a business smartphone

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In line with the start of the new app seal of approval from PC-WELT and mediaTest digital, Alexandra Polzin has guest test maker Kai Haller. He explains where the dangers lie with smartphone apps and how you can protect yourself from bad apps.

The Facebook app

When our colleagues at PCWorld started a survey about which Android app disappointed people the most, the almost unanimous answer was: the Facebook app. The user comments on the official Android Market page also speak for themselves: "Currently there are again crashes, program restarts and problems with logging in", "Has not worked since an update. Reloads constantly, please fix!" and "App slower than my grandmother, but eats the battery like a starved dog!". Some users hit the nail on the head with their comments: "For a program that comes from a 70 billion company, this is just plain embarrassing ..." Without exaggerating, it is almost an impossibility to access the first ten comment pages to find even one positive word about the Facebook app.

Tips and tricks for longer battery life

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So that you are well prepared for the hot season, PC-WELT editor Hans-Christian Dirscherl presents the most useful summer apps for Android smartphones. Moderator Alexandra Polzin will lead the show. Have fun watching.

After all, the Facebook app for Android has blossomed in the last few months in particular. In the beginning, she even lacked essential functions such as messaging, chat and even viewing photos. Since then, improvements have been made. But the Facebook app is still far from perfect. Apart from the stability problems mentioned above, the app does not offer any options for adapting your profile, deleting a pin board entry or tagging a photo. This definitely doesn't deserve a "like" ...