Are evictions publicly known

Evictions will continue in the Corona winter

Instead of concepts such as "Zero Corona", "Zero evictions" should be spoken of

"Stay at Home" is the motto of the hour. People should stay in their apartments to minimize the number of corona infections. Little is known, however, that people continue to be thrown out of their apartments even under Corona conditions. Evictions after court-confirmed evictions are not suspended.

After a corresponding judgment from Munich, the interest group of homeowners is satisfied that Corona does not lead to a curtailment of the rights of landlords. The Left Party had previously called for evictions to be suspended under Corona without much public response.

Now the "Right to the City of Regensburg" initiative has launched a petition calling for a moratorium on all evictions due to the corona pandemic.

The co-founder of "Right to the City of Regensburg", Kurt Raster, was to be evicted on January 19th after a protracted rent dispute. The artist and long-time active has lived in the apartment for over 35 years. In 1985, when he moved in, the house was still part of the social housing, then it was sold to Vonovia's predecessor, Annington. He sold the apartment in which Raster lives to a private family. With privatization, disputes between owner and landlord increased.

Corona pandemic no reason to suspend eviction

Kurt Raster was only informed a few hours before the planned evacuation date on January 19 that the date had been postponed. There is a risk that the tenant could commit suicide after losing his apartment, according to the judge, who, however, expressly emphasized that the corona pandemic was not a sufficient reason to refuse an eviction.

The postponement of the eviction was justified with the psychological condition of the person concerned and not with social conditions. Raster will then have to undergo medical examinations to determine whether the suicidal tendencies are still so strong that eviction is unreasonable. The question of whether eviction in times of "Stay at Home" is unreasonable is not asked by the judge.

Now the postponed expulsion in Regensburg is not an isolated case, but everyday life. There are no nationwide surveys on the number of evictions, but information from various cities and regions. In Frankfurt / Main there were 331 evictions up to October 31 last year, i.e. more than one a day.

Most of those affected still leave their homes voluntarily, become homeless or spend the night on the sofas of friends and acquaintances. The fear of gossip from neighbors is still so great because those affected find the blame for the loss of their home on themselves and not on society.

It is still an exception when those affected like Kurt Raster declare that society is responsible, not them, when people lose their homes. Due to the accumulation of such cases, however, alliances against eviction have emerged in recent years, which can provide important assistance.

Why not Zero Eviction instead of Zero Corona?

But it is also a failure of the social left if evictions under Corona do not lead to greater resistance. After all, in the corona pandemic, it should be easy to convey that you are not allowed to vacate an apartment that you are not supposed to leave. Why does the social left not use the motto "Zero eviction" and instead argue about the concept "Zero Corona", which is advertised as an alleged solidarity lockdown?

Regardless of how you stand on the biopolitical premises of "Zero Corona" models, it is not a call to wage earners for a general strike, but rather addresses the state apparatus. A campaign for an eviction moratorium, on the other hand, would be a measure in the sense of radical reformism, which points to a society in which the landlord's right to use his apartment does not take precedence over the tenant's right. (Peter Nowak)

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