Two camera straps are durable

Camera straps: Well connected

If you always want to have your finger “on the trigger”, you can't avoid a camera strap. Different variants cover almost every need. You may now notice: Your camera was supplied with a strap from the factory - and these "series" straps are usually made to a high quality and are extremely durable. But they have one disadvantage: With them you can only hang the camera in front of your chest or maybe even over your shoulder. In addition, they are difficult to remove and also difficult to attach - this can cause difficulties depending on the photo target. Reason enough to look for other options. There are, for example, particularly chic versions or those that do real heavy work as a double belt. We have selected something for every taste.

Chief Mate Cognac

Especially for users of Fujifilm, Olympus or Leica cameras, the question of good style often arises - and that is the keyword for the Chief Mate. The Chief Mate is made from two leathers. At the bottom a soft and light nubuck leather that does not rub off. The upper leather is a robust full cowhide leather. They both come from Italy and are vegetable tanned. They are also sewn together with a coarse decorative seam before the snap hook is attached to the belt with a rivet. The Chief Mate also has a quick release fastener: it can be removed and reattached quickly and easily. If you prefer to work without a strap in a photo shoot or at work in the studio, but prefer a camera strap when traveling and reporting, then the Chief Mate could be the right strap for you. But be careful: The strap is only suitable for cameras that have round eyelets attached to the side.

SunSniper Rotaball DPH

To have is better than need - for photographers who like to use several cameras at the same time, SunSniper has a real all-rounder in its range: The RotaballDPH can carry up to three cameras with a lens mounted, provided the photographer has a strong back. There is a soft shoulder pad for the best wearing comfort. Two of the cameras are held with a multiball bearing and can thus be rotated freely. This is very convenient, unfortunately the bearings are quite susceptible to sand and should therefore be kept away from sources of dirt. However, the protection against thieves is very good: A steel cord woven into the belt makes the belt very difficult to cut, the so-called blocker prevents the camera from being unscrewed without permission. And for the worst-case scenario, SunSniper insures theft up to a sum of 1,000 euros. Fair deal!

Carry Speed ​​FS-Pro MK IV FS-Wide Pro

This modular and quickly adjustable harness system comes with Carry Speed's patented mount technology. The strap is suitable for professional use, so it carries even the heaviest loads and allows you to easily transport your camera system without missing a recording situation. You can use zoom lenses and battery grips and thanks to the 9.5 cm wide shoulder pad, the weight rests extremely gently on the shoulder. The belt can be easily adjusted at the front. It can be loaded with a weight of up to 5 kg and thanks to the 1/4 ″ -20 tripod thumb screw you can still use your camera comfortably on tripods.

Our conclusion

The features that manufacturers are now incorporating into such a simple product as a belt is impressive. But now the customer is spoiled for choice. Ask yourself - would you prefer something chic or functional? In the first case, the chief mate is your case. Nevertheless, it is comfortable and a perfect addition for photographers who want to enjoy the moment. The other two are functional - and yet it quickly becomes clear to everyone: The SunSniper is for photographers with heavy equipment, the CarrySpeed ​​serves everyone else with a powerful and really fairly priced belt. If you don't want to do without theft protection in the form of the sewn-in steel cable: SunSniper also offers the Rotaball for individual cameras.

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